Venus Retrograde and Thoughts on Obsession Works

Hello everyone,
I hope you’re all well.

While Venus is retrograde I wanted to share my thoughts and realizations on obsession work.
I think it would be helpful to some, especially those new to magic.
Venus rules over many critical things in our life and during the period of its regression it causes us to evaluate and re-evaluate those ‘venusian’ things.
Venusian things as in love and relationships, sex, etc.
This is that one transit which is notorious for bringing people back from the past like exes, childhood friends etc.
Of course, this depends on where venus is in your chart and its relationship to other planets and houses.
Don’t isolate just one planet in astrology!

About Obsession though…
People I have worked with are sometimes hell bent on getting obsession work done.
If you’re thinking about doing obsession work, I implore you to think about the following as a way to better guide your love magic operations
It is helpful to firstly recognize, acknowledge, and accept the range of feelings and emotions you’re currently experiencing at the outset. These are typically along the following lines:

  1. You have been hurt by this guy/girl. Your ego has taken a hit – and that’s part of life, the hurt is normal, you’re not a freak to have these intense emotions. What ever ‘wrong’ that was done to you, does not make you unique.

  2. It’s okay that you miss your person intensely and obsess about them constantly.
    But recognize that it is a big part of your desire that you want that person to value your feelings, to validate you!

It is critical to understand at this time how your thoughts are operating and why they’re operating a certain way.

What I have observed is that it is common in these cases that people think there’s only one way in order to get this type of validation from their target, and only one way to get the person back.

You think this will be achieved only through extreme measures - hence you seek out Obsession works, or works with Intranquil spirits, or the most powerful demon ever!!!1.

I’ve noticed, suffering of the love interest becomes requested too around this time because you are suffering from desire for the person, so you want the target to desire you the same extreme way you desire them.

But the reality is:
When the person you desire comes back, in one second you become happy.

So what I am getting at is if you can understand why you have such extreme feelings that’s a good first step.
But recognize also, you can get your person without resorting to extreme obsession oriented works.
Another reason people tend to favor obsession type works is because none of the magic they’re doing is working. This is a big topic in itself which we’ll have to save for another day. But I am sure many are nodding their heads in agreement “Yep, tried a honey jar that didn’t work, time call Lucifer himself!!”

If you approach your magical operations tactfully, layer it in steps, e.g. 1. Reconciliation because maybe there was a big misunderstanding, 2. Attraction, to rekindle interest etc. This is much smarter and is less likely to backfire. Plus you get your target without turning them into a freak!

In conclusion, I would like to share that extremity isn’t always necessary and is often counter productive in love/attraction based work.

Have a wonderful day!


well depends what each ones want right?
I’ve been using the energy of Venus retrograde and it has been a quite awesome week… But then again i’m wasn’t looking for love. Just submissiveness and “the pleasures of the flesh” (as my old christian self would’ve said). :wink:
I did recognize some obsessive thoughts i’ve been having after reading your post tho so thank you for that. :+1:
hm… i’m feel more free now… ~sighs in relief~

Glad you are well. Best wishes to you.