Venus pentagram

Has anyone summoned Venus, her aspects and/or her powers with this symbol? Apparently it’s a map of how the planet of the same name travels when viewing it in earth. So it has astrological power.


I’ve never seen this symbol for venus thats really cool. I never really looked into it but now that I think of it thats sacred geometry. Like a pentagram the flower or star in the middle of your picture has 5 sides.

In ritual Lucifer gave me the mental image of a Pentagram made of wood enflamed with green. This represents Venus and earth united and then I imagine mars as a warrior figure charging the pentacle with fire.

The pentagram image in my mind looks organic kind of like this


The interesting thing to me is that I consider the pentagram as a representation of the 5 sub-categories of energy, it is a literal blueprint of the human experience, and some measurements of the orbit of Venus are represented as a pentagram. This ties in the final factor: having worked a lot with Venus I would say there is little any other planetary energy can provide that she cannot at least match. Something to this, perhaps?


It can feel that way with any force you work with for a extended period. For me those have been saturn and mars. While they are described as the greater and lesser Malefics in astrology they get a bad rap for their negative qualities but the positive ones reshape life.

Elemental wise its been fire and earth. I am making it a point to explore the polar opposites to balance it out.


I have worked with Venus and her Greek aspect Aphrodite, she’s a lovely goddess to work with as long as you don’t get on her bad side :slight_smile: