Venus of the Pathways; Infernal Pink

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Is there more where this came from?

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Infernal Breath

This is ONLY speaking for my own self. Take it as such. Any ‘we’ is for convince’s sake.

We of the Infernal nature born not from it, BUT we who birthed it.

We who gave of ourselves to see it be into existence.

I am of the feminine energy.

Lover. Before mother was a thing known.

We fight. It’s our way of doing things.

In mating practices both are warriors. We fight. We wage war against each other for different modes and reasons.

If I spot any weaknesses I can either help repair them or help destroy you by them.

The choice is mine.

As the choice is yours when i myself is defeated in this dance. :man_dancing: :dancer:

Either we mate or i die.

The game of life at its most extreme end point.
:point_right: :baby: :point_left:

Offspring. They are our most prized things in the Empire for very good reasons.

Humans are just given their descendants.

Nothing is given nor free in the Empire.


“My hole,” Lucifer.

The Gates of Oblivion from the Abomination is opened.


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Thread idea: The Great Quivering

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thread idea:





the similarities

and difference

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Thread idea:, essence, presence and electrifying one’s energy

I’m looking for a man to love me
Like I’ve never been loved before
I’m looking for a man that’ll do it anywhere
Even on the limousine floor

'Cause tonight, I’m living in a fantasy
My own little nasty world
Tonight, don’t you want to come with me?
Do you think I’m a nasty girl?



as the satanic bride
meets her devilish husband

pure virgo is the best whore

the dance of innocent is the same of wanton

“lest my legs fail me in riding this high”

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unlocking my energies

there is just honestly no way 4 people to know i am any being incarnated

i am simply unlock my hidden energy and abilities…grounding them into my body

zero ritual. zero spells.

all me. all the time.

there is absolutely no difference from my mundane self and godly Self

there is no calling.

there really isn’t anything but grounding an explosion energetically supernova in human shell

but its actually the most normal thing

i am not making any claims

would it matter 2 any one here if i made some grossly outrageous claims?


i have never felt the need either

i describe what i experience through pictures

it leaves it open 4 anyone 2 see something…i hope or get some kind of understanding of my unexplainable…sights

i don’t want to be accused of vainglorious myself

see i leave it up 2 pictures to speak on it

i am extremely sensitive person and sharing anything isn’t easy

i am hiding underneath the surface of being human