Venus ilegitima - Dark Venus

So guys do you have any sigils of Dark Venus or Venus Ilegitima? Does she have an Enn?

She is also accesible through opening the Qliphothic Gate of A’Arab Zaraq or by calling the aid and guidance of Astaroth.

Anyone working with her on a regular basis?


I only knew the dark sophia.
What is the Venus illegitima?

I did the ritual of her from “Tree of Qliphoth” and it worked, had a vision of her, like she was a white/grey skinned Babalon, much like the one in the Lust card but with grey and green tones that one would associate to Lucifer’s Tarot Marbas card, like she was an undead Babalon, those are my best attempts to describe it. Also, she had dark green plants that looked like the cups from the Debauch card, and she wasn’t holding a chalice. She looked like if she was talking to one of the plants. Also, her spine was straight

So beautiful and graceful, moving in her colours black and gold. Totally in love with her consort Baal and for him she would do anything. Hail Venus illegitima, Goddess of Love and war :heart:


Asenath Mason chant for Dark Venus:

:heart: Venus Illegitima A’Arab Zaraq Reginon :heart:


Can someone please explain who is Dark Venus ?

Is the consort queen of Baal

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What is she know for ? Is she like Aphrodite?