Venting Rage

One of my coworkers where I work always pisses me off, constantly bitching about me saying shit like ‘He doesn’t know how to do his job’ and ‘he can’t keep up’ and ‘why does he even work here’ even though I’m one of the most competent and levelheaded people there normally.

She more or less pushed me over the edge tonight, we were slammed busy (to the point where if we had full staff we still wouldn’t be able to keep up), and we were super shortstaffed. She kept saying shit and pushing shit, to the point where I had to get out of there before I punched her in the mouth. I just got home and vented all of my rage and frustration and stress to hit her hard and make her ‘burn’.

I feel tired, emotionally drained, and happier than I’ve been in quite a long while. Even though I basically quit my job because of tonight.


Would you like revenge?

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I already more-or-less blasted her with everything she piled onto me as well as a good chunk of my stress in general, channeling the energy to ‘make her burn’ as well as ‘make her bleed’, ‘make her ache’, ‘make her suffer’, and ‘make her break’.

I have a feeling she’s going to be feeling pretty terrible once it all kicks in (assuming it hasn’t already).


Funny you mentioned because the curse on my workplace completed itself

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Yeah, I also texted my boss telling him that I had to ‘step out before I hurt someone’ and that if he isn’t willing to work with me to either put me on a different shift or something, I resign.


I just out right destroyed everything. Changed people’s tunes fast. They went from bullying me for being gay, to having their asses torn to being nice.



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let us know what the result on her was if you ever find out