Venerable Anne de Guigne

I am here to give praise to a spirit that is very seldom talked about,even by most Christians.She is probably one of my favorite saints,and definitively the one that I’m closest to,because of our common origin.

And yes I DO realize this thread is wildly different from the one I posted yesterday. That’s what makes it fun.

A note on how I work with saints

Because these were living people,who had associations with a deity that most of us here absolutely loathe,I would simply like to provide us with an explanation on how I work with saints,and can still hate their god,and be on good terms with them.

The following is pure UPG,on my part,so do not take anything I say there too seriously.It’s just some things that have been told to me by various saints,and other entities.

Christian saints can be as good as demons in some things.I am not fond of the Christian faith,since I find it oppressive,in many ways,but Christianity has a lot of iconography,art,paraphernalia in general,that has always heavily attracted me.

When I was a kid,I knew only a few Christians,so the whole idea was foreign to me.I was always mesmerized by the way churches were built,choruses sang.Even now,as a self-aggrandizing utterly Pagan black magician who strives for personal godhood,my astral temple is,among other things,also a Gothic cathedral.

Much like you do not have to be a Satanist to enjoy death metal paraphernalia,you don’t have to be Christian(or even like God,for that matter!) to admire the beauty of churches,Christian art,or work with saints.Some of us genuinely haven’t had years of pain and hatred for Christians and their faith built within us.

However,that also doesn’t mean that we’re not heavy enemies of the desert troll god as my good friend Eva would put it.I still absolutely hate Christianity,and their rules,and quite a couple of their followers as well.But I still admire some aspects of it,as well as the thing they have created.Which is why I have always been able to work with saints.Their god is an absolutely evil tyrant to me,and I will not live happily in a world ruled by his law,in whatever way he may manifest,be it as Jehovah,Allah,Yahweh,Ahura Mazda,El,or the Aten.

In my experiences,we have the Eternal Source of all things,’‘the All’’. Mystics have created various ways of reaching this Source.One such,was the Abrahamic one.The desert troll god,through a play on the syllable ‘‘El’’ which is a mantra that would connect the mystic to Source,established itself as this middle-man.In time,fed by other people’s beliefs,this thoughtform basically became a mask(or is it a lens?),placed over the eternal source,began commanding some of its power(or focusing some of it) and using it to oppress others with its rules.’‘God’’ is basically nothing more than a mean and evil mask placed over Source,and a lens for focusing small aspects of its power.

Jesus is one aspect of this ‘‘God’’,and as such is a lens for even it.Finally,we reach saints which focus even this already focused power.God focuses the power of the Source,and through his own capriciousness,is trying to monopolize it.Jesus focuses this already focused power,which is then focused further for more specific purposes and intents by his saints.

This is why saints readily work with me.Since at their base they are there to focus the power of a Source that I’m already using.And saints are individuals,too.THey didn’t melt themselves into the Source forever,they retained their consciousness past the afterlife,in apotheosized state.They know what it’s like to be human and how to reach state that is similar to what many of us are aiming at.

With that little note out of the way,I will talk about the Venerable Anne de Guigne.

About Anne de Guigne

Anne de Guigne is technically not a saint.She is merely ‘‘Venerable’’,in the dogmatic view of the Church.Nevertheless,she is still a spirit of the dead,that has through Christianity reached a higher state,which is why she is on the same level.

Anne de Guigne lived an ordinary life.She did not work miracles in her lifetime.

She was born in the early 20th century.Her parents were both particularly wealthy.Her father was Count Jacques de Guigné, second lieutenant in the 13th Battalion. Her mother was born Antoinette de Charette on September 19, 1886, the great-niece of Francois de Charette, the well-known General who led the soldiers of France in the Battle of Patay. Anne’s maternal grandmother Francoise Eulalie Marie Madeleine de Bourbon-Busset was a direct descendant of Robert,Count of Clermont,the sixth son of King Louis IX of France.

She was the eldest of four siblings,Jacque(Jojo),Madeleine(Leleine) and Marie-Antionette(Marinette).She was known to be a vain and spoiled rich girl,as well as constantly jealous of her siblings.Her father died in 1915,and to comfort her mother,she vowed to be obedient and good.

This internal alchemy was a hard process,and a serious transformation.She would clench her fists to control her temper,and led a bitter fight.Through her willpower,and love for her mother,she conquered this and arrived at a point of such serenity,that she seemed content with everything.

This path to transformation and internal turmoil that is by far seldom seen in people so young was marked by her First Communion,which she awaited with joy,and went through with excitement.Over the years,her love of God magnified,until she actually began to see Jesus,and speak with him.

Her visions increased,as did the reach of her influence and happiness,spreading throughout many people,pouring Divine Love over all others,and sacrificing even the pain of her rheumatism to Jesus.

She had meningitis,at the age of 11,and died at dawn,on January 14th 1922 peacefully taking her place among the angels.Over the years,testimonies of the child’s effect simply increased,and she was declared venerable in 1990.

What she can do,and what she’s like

Anne de Guigne is a very welcoming entity,and can be called on to help you improve your clairvoyance.In her lifetime,she prayed for healing others,both spiritually and physically,and as such,she is capable of healing.

She sacrificed all she had for others in her lifetime,and she is good in terms of ‘‘alleviating pain’’.At its base,this means healing the physical body.However,when looked beyond that,Anne de Guigne may help you solve negative circumstances,rough relationships,or other forms of pain,as well as shower you with Divine Love,and help you get through any transformation and change,no matter how hard it may seem.

She is very level-headed,and calm,as well as hopeful.She also does not judge,and welcomes any who may wish to seek her out.She prefers to be evoked without any manifestation base,and a preferred offering for her is a simple white candle.

How she came to me

As for how I met Anne de Guigne,this was actually while I was under possession by La Nina Blancha,the white aspect of Santa Muerte.DUring that time I was reconnecting with previous incarnations.

The name of the child saint appeared somewhere on the internet and flashed before my eyes,both in mundane senses and not.So she picked my interest,but I didn’t call on her.

She actually materialized in my bathroom,randomly that night like any good ghost does and shaked hands with me,at which point we established our connection.

Four or five incarnations ago,while I was in the French revolution,I actually was an ancestor of Anne’s,her great-grandfather or something like that.The memories from that lifetime are foggy,but basically,we were related and this type of spiritual bond is what had guided her to me.

She helped me,and now I praise her as one of my close spirits(with people like Hecate,Paimon,Thoth,Baba Yaga,Belial,(REDACTED),the Fairy Monarch,Hathor,(CLASSIFIED),etc. you can see I’m close with a lot of spirits.)

Do tell me your results when you evoke her.

One more thing,the official website on her,if anyone is curious and fwiw.Yes,I do know it’s a Christian website,but it’s also more of a touristy website.Not to mention,I am not soliciting anyone to join the Church or anything.

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If Eva thinks it should be removed,then she has a full right to edit my messages.[/quote]

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If Eva thinks it should be removed,then she has a full right to edit my messages.[/quote]

I’m not the only mod on here, but it doesn’t break the rules and is definitely in the right section, so go for it!

Interesting article btw. :)[/quote]

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