Vedic Mantras - A Music Project Based on Detachment and My Journey in the Occult (Ingu)

Morrow Everyone,

Initially I didn’t know who the Vedas were, what they consisted of, etc., But it came to mind and it felt right. During the time I was working closely, to the point of devotion, with an ancient entity known as Mictecacihuatl or as some may know her, the Santa Muerte. As a good amount of us know, when working with any sort of entity, we start experiencing things that are outside our flow, so to speak. Things start popping up in our lives that are definitely outside the norm. All for the sake of the teachings they bestow onto us. For me at the time, I still held on to traumas that translated as fear in my day to day interactions, but at the same time I was manifesting amounts of wealth I have never had in my life, women left and right, and a lot of physical “things.” As a hyperaware individual I’m always brutally honest with myself, so theres no sugar coating any sort of bullshit to make me feel better. Thats not an option for me anymore. I see everything for what it is, and I was still afraid. But In doing this for 5 years, a good amount of things came to light in order for me to face them. Again, because we have to, otherwise we will never know how far we can take this. So back to the point, I was led by Micte’ to the Vedas and I immersed myself in research of the peoples, life, culture, etc. until I stumbled upon the Bhagavad Gita, one of their main texts and the root of Hinduism. I felt like they were providing a shortcut to what I was seeking. Validating that hunch, I found what I need. A sense of detachment, from our feelings, from our pain, and more importantly, from our joy. EA, in a recent live, also said he received a message similar to that, in terms of offerings, “until there is nothing left to give.” validating my hunches further, but thats never the point. The way the Gita puts it, “We are only senses, and how we judge those senses.” Think about it in these terms: We become truly free not by giving up material things, but releasing selfish attachments to things - more important, to people. To quote the buddha, “all that we are is a result of what we have thought.” In short, proposing a central theme; are we able to control our judgment of those thoughts, those “feelings.” Obviously… and you can get creative in how this benefits the Black Magician, but even then, think its beyond concept, or sides; Just truth, Just power. Anyways, this is a loose culmination of that, detaching even from our own bodies and becoming connected to the source. This isn’t to fulfill any sense of ego because “I” Think. This project is more of an offering. As we all start aligning with higher purpose in our lives, I aim to show its all within reach.

I had the instinct to share it on here, because a good amount of us are on similar journeys.
The project is available on all platforms but I’m linking the soundcloud. To add, I made most of it, beats, artwork, and videos (Which I’m in the process of filming). This is for our brothers, sisters, and everyone in between that has ever asked for truth and received an answer.