Vedic Gods

Does anyone want to share any experiences of evoking the vedic gods using their yantras, mantras, names, etc? They all seem very benevolent, even the darker ones like Kali and Bhairava because they seem to only act against demons that terrorize and harm people. I would greatly appreciate any replies. Thank you!

Here is some discussion on it:

I would also do a forum search on the word “hindu” and or “vedic” / “vedas” and the like. Should turn up some good reading material for you, if not precisely what you are looking for.

It’s a pretty involved science, and even though I hate to admit it, the likelihood that you can get this done correctly without going through direct learning experiences is slim. You have to at least have someone willing to teach you what it is all about, because Hindu Tantra is FAR more powerful than anything you will read about it, and there is text out there that give pretty advanced-looking work. Most of it is beginner phase in Tantra, though, which is pretty scary.

If you cannot find a teacher, you might be able to learn if you became good at dream practices or astral projection maybe. I favor dreams, and I don’t know much about astral projection. But you could learn the practices by channeling a guru willing adept through dreams, evocation, or astral projection. Either way, if you are interested, you most certainly want to get associated with learning a great deal about the topic, and make some sort of sadhana work an integral part of your work. At least this is what I can gather.

Thank you both for the guidance! I greatly appreciate it :slight_smile: