Vassago & Jupiter

What are your thoughts on Vassago? Please share your experiences!


I don’t really remember if I tried to contact “him”, but plan to. Vassago is said to be (in perspective) friendly and suited for clairvoyance/divination skills and practices.


I happily bump this older thread for Prince Vassago! :heart:
Through the urging of Beezlebuth, I invoked him to ask about a past memory I thought I might have subconsciously suppressed. (I apparently needed to know this memory in order to heal & grow)
Vassago showed me the entire memory… it was an ugly one. I understand why I suppressed it, but while watching it Vassago comforted me. Now, I don’t know how often he does that to people, but I genuinely appreciated his compassion in that moment.
Before departing he told me to close my eyes & ever since then my scrying ability has astronomically improved.
He’s very witty! I hope people stop having the misconception that he’s this fluffy, tarot ability granter. Haha, he’s a bad ass who knows ALL :wink:


I invoked Vassago yesterday for help with a issue of uncertainty in my life and how it might turn out. Felt great throughout the quick invocation and a rush of energy at the end. This is my public acknowledgement of assistance that I received from Vassago. Thank you Vassago for your assistance in providing clarity where there is none!


He is Lucifer’s powerful Magician. So it says it all. :slight_smile: