Vashikaran Mantras

Vashikaran Mantras are mantras to be used in meditation whilst focusing on a particular goal. Different mantras for different goals. Most vashikaran mantras I’ve come across online are for love and all vashikaran mantras incorporate the names of one or more Hindu deities. I’ve found a certain mantra on YouTube involving Kali that I’ve been using in meditation to attract a certain someone. It has worked like a charm and this someone, has become more responsive and reaches out to ME instead of the other way around. I’ve found that there is a build up where at a certain point you’ll need to employ something else as the Vashikaran has already done as much as it can. If you’d like to try the mantra I’ve been trying, PM me. Just play the mantra on headphones as you meditate and after you feel nice and relaxed just visualize the person you want to attract touching you, holding your hand, or spending time with you. It’s also effective to imagine sexy things.


I would love to PM you but (at least with my account) the PMs no longer work.

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The forum’s being upgraded at the moment and things might be a little screwy while that happens, you could try again because my PM’s working now,both sent and received to forum members. :slight_smile:

@FraterMagni Can you please share the link here? Maybe the PMs are not working.


Can you PM me the link please :slight_smile:


Thanks man.

thanks! i tried it the day before yesterday and i felt in such peace! so you are confirming something :slight_smile:
for how long did you listened to it though?

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I can understand a little sanskrit. The mantra basically evokes Maa kali to make everyone obsess over him or her. It is not for a specific person but i feel if you think about a certain someone during the chant it should help.


Are there any mantras for luck in gambling?

Yes. You can either use Mantras or even Yantras (geometrical diagrams that vibrate to a certain frequency ). But I would advise you not to use them due to the karmic debt you’d accumulate.

Good call my friend, not interested in accumulating any karmic debt.

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Here’s how I understand this. Nothing in this world is for free, and hence until unless you’re protected by some powerful spiritual entity and have a bond with them you will have to pay back the karma you accumulate.

Most ppl here don’t believe in karma as such, but maybe cause and effect might better describe it.

It makes sense to me you saying that to just recite the mantra might not be a good idea, but having a powerful alliance with an entity would/might be ok.

I just opened a topic regarding gambling as I’m actually looking for such an entity to work with.


Good idea. I’ll open up a thread to ask people what they feel about karma.

I think if you believe in karma, it will affect you. If you don’t, then it won’t. And @ebdr that’s exactly how I used it.


Hello can you teach me ?

Hello did you succeed

I posted the video and gave instructions. Do it yourself.

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Si i tried yesterday to listen and do some vizualization using head phones for the girl i like (she had blocked me from fb and after 1 hour or 2 she started to speak whit me )
I don’t know if it was pure concidence or the Mantras works
P.S im not that good at meditaion and vizualization plus after i listen i Kind forget bout it.
The law of least expectensy
Sorry for my bad eng

Best reagrd,