Various Methods To Achieve Trance State

what it works for me:

  1. bineural beats

  2. repetition of the entitys name until my consious mind gets out of the way(usualy it takes 5-10 minutes)

  3. slowing down everything in my body and speech ,my breath,my’s like shifting gears.i imagine that i’m in 10th speed and then drop slowly to 1st.this one is working even when i’m outside on the go.

4.scrying (sigils,objects,anything)

5.sometimes i’m just jumping into the thought can enter this moment because there is no room for future or past.just accepting the moment as it is without judgement.some call it zen or satori.

i would like to know your methods or other techniques that can help and they are effective

For me all of those except number 5, wich I don’t recall to have practiced in the past (maybe, but don’t recall atm)

I also like using guided meditations specially Hypnotica’s (Sphinx of the Imagination, Double Induction for Confidence, Yoga Nidra) and (ahem) erotic hypnosis (Nikki Fatale, Isabella Valentine), it helps me deepen my trances specially long tracks (+45 minutes). Also ASMR (I’m in love with HeatherFeather), wich is binaural sounds and the like

[quote=“Mavors, post:2, topic:3988”]For me all of those except number 5, wich I don’t recall to have practiced in the past (maybe, but don’t recall atm)

I also like using guided meditations specially Hypnotica’s (Sphinx of the Imagination, Double Induction for Confidence, Yoga Nidra) and (ahem) erotic hypnosis (Nikki Fatale, Isabella Valentine), it helps me deepen my trances specially long tracks (+45 minutes). Also ASMR (I’m in love with HeatherFeather), wich is binaural sounds and the like[/quote]

I enjoy ASMR too, but can it really cause a trance state that we are after… Hmm, maybe i’m in light trance way often than i think i am.

Btw, Ephemeralrift is the best ASMR artist in my opinion. All those you mentioned were women, so i have to mention that Ephemeralrift is a man - but in my case it works actually better that way/he is just my favourite.

  • Anyways i like men doing relaxing stuff, its boring to always hear female voice in those - and i’m not so homophobic that i couldn’t listen to other men - lol, i’m listening them in my music all the time anyways!

My favourite one, to get fully entranced, is Hypnotica (he’s a man), he’s a master when it’s about entrancing people, yet women have something in their voices that bewitches me easily… just like sirens… hears the singing of sirens far away Somebody is calling me brb

#1. I’ll make a playlist of my favorite songs, usually something with sadistically fast beats, each track slowly tunes down to a slower beat to more ambient stuff, #3. until silence, slow me breath. to the point of #5.

I don’t wear headphones, I soak up all the vibrations and form a solid ball of energy in my mind. I’ll do different exercises like forming them into different colors, different forms (triangles, cubes, balls or a dancing merkabah).

Sometimes i’ll either concentrate and focus that into a point, i’ll keep following it.

In a depressive state It’ll lead me into a spiral to where a force of sulphur wind will hit hit me, a deer jumped over the couch next to me… that kind of stuff, at that time i didn’t know burning incense was a offering.

I was listening to music for awhile, was at a pretty good trance state so I decided to beat off, harness that sexual energy and focused looping that energy through my mind. At that point two fingers tapped at my back. Looked back, I had a few dirty cloths on my couch, the entity hit them off.

Listening to metal for awhile usually does it. Someone posted Darkthrone- Panzerfaust in the music thread, in high school I would blast that and just trip (sober), different demons from the goetia would appear in front me.

#2. Recently (I work graveyard) I returned home, sun was rising, I called upon Amon, lit my brain right up. But music is my key to entering a trance state, or not sleeping.

i forgot to mention the sound of turning pages.if someone is near to me,turning pages from a book or a magazine,the sound of it has an almost trance effect to me.weird.

Some usefull teqniques and infos from Robert Bruce.

Hi dron, Pick up any object and look at it, absorb yourself in it totally until nothing else exists. You must not analyse or judge whatever it is your looking at. Become immersed within it so that your mind is in the present, not the future or the past. Practice this two or three times a day until you can take it into minutes without any outside thoughts disturbing the mindfulness. The trick is to simply accept the situation, object or person and delve deep into its characteristics without critical judgement. When we analyse we also tend to judge, which means our minds are in that conscious realm of shifting time ratios of future and past fragments. Awareness gets the mind into the present for periods of time………………Spiritual contact is therefore much easier in a state of awareness (mindfulness) rather than consciousness.

I know what you’re talking about…Stilness of the mind is indeed a powerfull state to jump in and do any kind of work from there.Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

In a more mundane way, having a really good laugh with friends is immensely therapeutic; as it not only brings the mind into focus ~ it also brings in chi energy…the power of happiness

One other method i found is from Josephine MacCarthy.She describes the state as ‘‘The void’’.It’s the scribd link in her site with the title ‘‘Working with the Void’’

I use various ones. A couple useful tricks from Burt Goldman ala Quantum Jumping.

Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth (unless chanting) which tends to boot results. You can look up the research or do your own.

Simple mental verbal countdown, Start each series with a ‘loud’ mental volume and reduce for each repetition. THREE, Three, three, TWO, Two, two, ONE, One, one. This makes use of the traditional count technique (useful for those who have trained with such) and adds in the volume reduction which increases the effect.

What works consistently is breath control, very slow controlled breathing. That directly modifies the physiology and effects both body and mind.

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For me, it’s simply lighting two candles in front of me, sitting down, and doing a visualization of embodiment of light.

If you don’t know this one, it’s quite easy, I believe EA outlined it in the newsletters a while back, but it’s found in quite a few magick books.

Simply visualize a ball of blue ethereal energy above your head(or below your feet, if you should prefer to start from the ground up), feel it permeating your head, the light surrounding your skin, radiating into your pours, until your entire skull is a glowing beacon of energy & light.

Take very deep breaths, letting the light overcome you, it’s brilliance calming, soothing…this being the very energy of the edges of the Universe itself.

Repeating this process, next bring the light down to your torso, slowly visualizing the energy filling your body, with your body accepting, and ultimately becoming the source of the light itself…now, again breath deeply, a few times, letting the light become one with you, expanding throughout your veins.

Next, expand this soothing, calming light your arms, your plexus, your thighs, your calves, your feet, etc.

Be sure to remember to take deep breaths between each expansion, allowing the light the chance to merge with every cell in your body, until you can sense no difference between your physical self, and the energy that now flows within you.

Perform this relaxation rite thoroughly, slowly, always feeling the light as it moves to the next extremity of your body, and you will feel it’s calming energy overcome you.

Now that you have reached a state of calm; filled with the source of the Godhead itself; it’s calming light, it’s ethereal eternity flowing throughout your pours, breath deeply, and return your attention to whatever ritual you are about to perform…if none, simply allow the light to stay with you, or perhaps, fill it with an intention, and expel it from your body with equally deep breaths, now charged to perform your will. (Simply magick).

Afterwards, perform chants, do sigil gazing, or whatever works for you to help fall into the sync, getting deeper into trance.

I’ll be honest, you will reach a point in your practice where you can easily fall into trance, wherever, whenever, as long as you practice this sort of relaxation right or ritual ‘throughout’ the day, and I mean everyday.

You should get to a point of being as comfortable as Qui Gon Jinn, ready to fight Darth Maul, yet sitting down to meditate during the battle. (I know…corny, but this is how it is…life is stressful, but find 5 minutes every few hours, and you will be amazed at what you can achieve).

I think the ‘breath’ is one of the oldest techniques for not only raising energy, but for any foundation to mind control ~ especially the practice of awareness or ‘mindfulness’ as its called. Years ago I used chi generators along with universal laws (ala…the laws of attraction) to try and manipulate reality. I wasn’t very successful at first until I discovered the ancient Hawaiian practice of Huna. This bases its entire philosophy around the breath (Mana) and the lost art of breathing in general. This is what they call their ‘HA’s’ and it was how their beautiful islands took its name.

Ha – the breath…….Wai – the power in the ocean and the air…….I – Me
This translates out in reverse “I have the power in my breath – Ha-wai-i”

PS…Interestingly enough, much of the foundation to the so-called ‘Laws of attraction’ appeared in Huna many moons ago - long before Esther Hicks and her channeled entity ‘Abraham’

I’ve tried belly breathing and it works very well.It’s the only place in the body where you can see the effect of the air coming in and out with every breath.I found this exercise in Robert Bruce’s books and it’s very effective so far.
I was trying to fall in trance just by observing my breath and i couldn’t do it correctly because i was changing the natural rhythmic pattern.

Breath techniques are handy to go in trance,but i hate it when i have closed nostrils.It sucks.

Before a couple of days i’ve tried a teqnique that was very effective…
This time i Locked my eyes on a flower and with each inhalation and exhalation i visualized that the flower was breathing at the same patern with me.Then i decided to give it more focus.The flower was breating and exhaling white light and it’s breath was synchronized with mine.After 5 minutes i was in deep trance.My mind was still and imobilized and my body also.All i was thinking of, was the breath of the flower which was breathing together with me.
The stillness was very intence and my vision was distorted and blury.
I believe this is a very good method to reach TGS.Transfer your breath and link it to something, can lock and freeze the consious mind very quick.
the outside factor(the flower) plays a good role because you’re moving your awareness outside of yourself.