Variations of the BRH Invoking and Banishing

Just wondering if any one could point me in the right direction for info on variations of the BRH, different Invoking methods and banishing methods or planetary energies with the BRH template.
If not possible to give in forum , feel free to pm me.

Been working with standard BRH from DMK’s MM for a while now.

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This exercise is from Stephen Flowers’ book Hermetic Magic, using vowel tones to harmonise with the Planets:

I like it because it doesn’t call on external entities as such (I believe the planetary energies are within us as well as obviosuly being linked to those big guys spinning round in space).

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What will be the effects of Harmonising with the planets?, I have only worked with elements so far really ,

Do you know any Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram ?
for tuning to specific planet energeries as opposed to element energys with the LIRP ?

It’s a general empowering thing, and you learn stuff over time by what happens when you intone each vowel sound.

Stoicheia-heptagram is a very good exercise and it has many benefits.You calling the beneficial rays of the seven planets to harmonize with your aura.Jason Miller advises to visualize the planetary seals in front of you as portals of the planetary forces each time you intone the vowels.You can adjust and move them until it feels right for you.Then you absorb the rays of the planet through the seals.


It helps to analyze the Hexagram formula as it’s given, to understand what’s going on in it.

The Hexagram ritual is made up of 4 parts:

1 - Analysis of the Keyword, which is a dynamic meditation known as Flow Yoga or Qigong. This grounds you while putting you in a focused trance to prepare you for the ritual.

2 - The Formulation Of The Hexagrams banishes or invokes the planetary energies you want, as well as the element of the planet you want to banish or invoke. Just like with the Pentagram ritual, there are permutations of this and they can give many variations of the Hexagram ritual.

3 - Your Spirit Communication (conjurations, requests, and release), which isn’t explicitly mentioned in the Hexagram rituals, but it’s there. For banishing or evoking, you make your commands or requests. For invoking or possession, this is where the spirit speaks through you and you notate it somehow.

4 - The Closing Analysis of the Keyword, again a form of Flow Yoga with breathwork to ground you when the spirit departs.

With this understanding, you can either look for different Hexagram rituals, or create your own using your own personal correspondences, if you want.

As you already know, the standard Hexagram rituals are the Lesser and Greater Hexa rituals. The Star Sapphire is a form of the Greater Hexagram ritual in Thelema. These are explained here. There’s the Enochian MADRIAX, which adds power to the standard RH. The Assumption Of The Godform may or may not be a variation of the GIRH, i leave that for you to decide. The Godform instructions aren’t given online, but examples of automatic writing transmissions in Godform include Al vel Legis, Israfel , and 49.

I’ll keep an eye out for other Hexa rituals and chime in if i find any.


Okay, this answers the question on why the four forms, which is the LRH, apparently Ive been using the SRH, without analysis of the keyword. That might explain the weirdness over the past week invoking the planetary hexagram for the planet of the day. This is apparently a lead in to an unbalanced state. I also did not know you can do invocation or evocation within it.