Vapor Magick

This may or may not have been previously covered but I want to go in depth with it.

So what is Vapor Magick. Well, as dumb as it will sound, it’s carrying your energy, will and desire by means of smoking.

How does it work? It’s quite simple really. It works off of a few concepts. One being that the breath carries life force energy. When you breathe in the cigarette smoke or the vapor from an e-cig or other device, it becomes charged by the life force energy in your breath. That energy can be directed to a purpose.

It also works off of like attracts like and is connected to fire, air and water primarily.

How can one use vapor magick? Well, I’ll give a spell that can be used for any purpose.

  1. focus on your intention, what is it you’re trying to do? Know that the moment it’s fired off, it’s already yours
  2. breathe in your smoke/vapor, while focusing on your goal. See yourself already having it, being lovers, money, whatever you’re looking for.
  3. DONT breathe in too much, or you’ll choke. Once you feel you have enough, keep the smoke/vapor in your mouth.
  4. release the vapor into your atmosphere. Say something related to your goal and “so it is done”.

In my experience, while it sounds ridiculous to some, it does give satisfactory results.


Already covered that.

Yaa srry i will try it

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I always said smoking is good :joy::rofl: Not but really, I didn’t knew its a thing but had occurred to me. Glad to crosscheck.

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