Vampyrism ritual and incantation

Hi E.A koetting.
Im inspired by Authentic teaching im furthering vampyrism is there any ritual you suggest doing ?
I desire to work with Akhkharu, and labartu. I tryning to get more info research i know akhkharu is Ancient sumerian demon vampyric spirit ?
Labartu i keep seeing that labartu is demon hag .
I do work undead gods .have u experience those spirit.
Im a sang,psi, vampyre
I want to do vampyre initiation ,and further eork deeper with undead gods and goddess .to go into presence of vampyre gods and goddess.
I do practice alot meditation
I know klippoth gamliel is were vampyric .
Hope to hear from you E.A Koetting
I also will safe to have personal consultation
Thank you
Yisrael i honor your time to respond