Vampirize At Will

Does anyone here know or have a guide on how to drain the life force of an enemy until they die? And to do this at will? Help would be appreciated.

All you have to do is be yourself. If you look at MBTI you’ll see why this works. The more you’re in your dominant function, the more you’re automatically draining all your enemies 24/7.

What’s ironic is that when you’re in your dominant function like that, you’re in a state of love, unity, and joy. This is where people are coming from when they say love is stronger than hate. You don’t have to target anyone. Once you make it about attack or trying to hurt someone, you put yourself in such a state of weakness that you’re ineffective.


I have certain experience draining the life force of people. I personally prefer not to do it very often unless it is extremely necessary to do so. Sometimes you can ‘catch’ habits of other persons and, if the person I’m draining has a quality that doesn’t help me on achieving my objetives, you will have to spend some time cleaning yourself up.

Despite that, Vampyrism helps to know how the energy dinamics work, which is something very valuable. Anyways, I leave it at your discretion and personal values.

I have never drained someone until they die, but I’ll leave you with good references:

“The Vampyre Way” - Michael W. Ford (Teaches you many things, but the most valuable I found was creating a servitor that harnesses other people’s energies.

“The Vampyre Codex” - Belangier (Considered a ‘must’ for Vampyres, even though I have never read it)

V.K Jehannum also has some rituals and articles on his blog. You should check them out

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Just go ask Alice when she’s ten feet tall.

Just select a target and focus on them.
If you can you pull a cheap trick or two all the better.