Vampirism and thoughtforms

Was wondering about what you guys use thoughtform for when it comes to vampirism. I was thinking about making a legion of them and sending them to gather energy. Giving them 10% of it so they get better at it each time. What do you guys think?


Moral questions aside (due to forum rules) the obvious practical problem is that they might accidentally attack someone stronger than you. You’d have to program them in some way to avoid that lest you make an enemy of another sorcerer.


Hmmm I could see a problem with them gathering too much energy as well. Perhaps after they’ve done their task absorb them and start over? I wouldn’t be sending them to other sorcerers, most likely volcanos, and other energy sources.

I am not an expert on thought forms so I wouldn’t know about that.

An idea I got is sending thoughtform out into the astrals and sucking the energy out of astral wildlife. Of course if something goes wrong they can attack some high level entity, then you’re fucked.

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Nope. Not if you tell them to avoid like…conscious users of magic.
Or you just tell them to avoid people who are more skilled than you,
but that would leave up too much room for bullshit.
So you would have to define in what they are more skilled.