Vampiric healing

I use the methods of a psychic vampire to remove negative energies from people. and then I apply the alchemical formula of Coal to Fire (poison to light) and send the good vibes right back out at them. Sometimes when people around me have more energy than they want to carry I willingly skim some vital force off the top, they actually get a little stoned out like they smoked a nice J.

I don’t get why people only use vampirism to steal from other’s spiritually, its degenerate if you ask me, but hey thats just me i guess whatever

That’s been covered before on here, if you do a quick search.

It’s not an original idea and a lot of indigenous shamanism requires the shaman to first, fight and defeat the illness in the astral worlds, then s/he becomes able to heal others with that affliction, by drawing it from the person suffering, transdmuting it or taming it, and absorbing its energy and power.

You might do well to settle in and read some posts, before blitzing this forum with a list of ways in which we’re wrong and ignorant… :wink:

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Actually if you learn the higher arts of vampirism it actually isnt stealing/leeching off people. That is too simplistic a concept in a world of a Food Chain where everybody feeds off everybody… Meaning there is an actual give and take of energies, although it isnt always so obvious.

I’ve experienced that, it’s more like the use of leeches in medicine, where the leech gets a yummy supper, and the human gets various other benefits. :slight_smile:

There seem to be some things that can only (easily, at least) be acquired by feeding from a human (or other manifest/spiritual thing) whilst Source energy itself is best for those who feel depleted and in need of energy just to survive.

as an incubus i can say that occasionally “feeding” your victim is good practice, you don’t want them to get sick or something… then whats the point? murder? people calling you saying you might’ve given them an STD because of how bad they feel? never take more than you need and always give a little back.