Vamping photographs/pictures online?

So I just “received” a copy of “The Vapyres Gate” by Michael W Ford as I’ve always wanted to get more in depth into vampirism.I only know the basic techniques like envisioning a blue light around the victim and inhaling the visualized energy from their eyes and mouth,and I’ve been able to use the tentacle method.I’ve only used these methods to raise energy for myself but don’t know how to conserve it to use for spells and evocation (if that’s possible).

But onto my question,
Is it possible to use someone’s photograph or a picture online like on Facebook to vamp someone’s energy? If so then what is the method?

Also I’m open to hear any and all methods you guys have used to vamp people that’s been proven effective.Also is it possible to vamp energy from sources other than people? Like anything that produces electricity or any other form of energy? And not that I really plan on it but what about animals and plants,and how to conserve this energy for majick?

Any answers to any of these questions (especially your vamping techniques and if it’s possible to vamp from pictures)

My goal is to be able to vamp large groups of people at once and to cause visible confirmable results to the target.



The photograph works just like it would in a ritual, its simply a lonk to the other person, just stick a tentacle into it and vamp away.

Its possible to take elemental energy but ive never really tried electricity before.

Trees have a shit load of energy so you could get energy from that but any small houseplant will probably die very quickly if you vamp off it

I’ve vamped on my boss who was 3 offices down, and used a picture of him online at the same time to help me focus.

I’ve also vamped on an ex girlfriend who lives in another country and used her picture while astral projecting to her to accomplish the same task as with my boss. Pictures work well, I’ve found.

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