Vamperize the Sun?

Can swim vamperize the Sun? if so how?

the same way you absorb energy from the earth, learn psychic/predatory vampirism and link to the sun rather than an individual.


Of course you can draw energy from the sun. People do it all the time, and it’s a pretty common thing in pagan circles.


If i do so would i get in to trouble with the spirit of the Sun?
And is it good for a human energy body?

No you would not get in trouble, and various humans have various positive, negative, or neutral happenings from allowing various energies into them. However, like earth energy the energy from the sun is quite ambiguous so less likely that it would do any harm if you take in moderation.


I read a article whereby someone said, right now during corona times. it would not be a good idea to vamperize other people. so i though maybe the Sun is a good alternative.

This isn’t some drug forum. Don’t use SWIM. It just makes anything you say look skeezy as hell.

I heard with vamping people you need to filter the energy, does this also apply to the earth or the sun?

The sun filters its own energy just as the earth does, humans and other living beings you filter out the energy because if you do not you’re taking in the baggage that comes with their energy from their emotions and various conscious or subconscious toxic traits.


Okay thanks for all this information. i wonder what would happen if somebody vamps the star AGOL?

It has it’s own “flavor” of ambient energy.

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I wouldn’t even call that vampirism. The sun is sending out its energy all by itself, all the time, in all directions. You can either let it pass or actively take it in. It’s not like you have to steal it or something. It’s there, take it.
So no, you will not get into trouble with the sun, I’d even say it appreciates it. :wink:


okay… but would the energy be detrimental to the human body just like death energy?

Thanks for the inside @Helena :slightly_smiling_face:

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I answered that earlier when you asked about the sun. Death energy is vastly different from this.

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Ok dumb question. But what does swim mean?


Someone Who Isn’t Me.

It’s used in a lot of shadier forums of questionable legality (often drug related) as a sort of liability buffer.


Ah, ok thanks.

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Same. When it’s warm out I will lay in the sun, despite not being someone who tans, just to soak in it’s energy. It feels good to me. The boyfriend prefers to sit under the moon, I don’t care for the moon’s energy like I do the sun. :woman_shrugging: When it’s not warm, if the sun is shining, you can find me in a window, like a cat.

I had to google it.