Valefor oleum

Does anyone know where to buy oleums or find the recipes for working with demons?


Look into S. Connolly’s work. She uses oleums and oils in her practice.

I’m not sure what books though. Maybe her “Demonolator’s Guide to Demonic Magick” or “The Complete Book of Demonolatry.” You could also check out “Wortcunning for Demonolatry.”


As @DarkestKnight said, you can find in Connolly’s works about oleums.
For Valefor you need the base plus camphor and mugwort and add jasmine, lemon balm,
extra camphor, and mint.


Thank you @DarkestKnight and @Anassa

I have quite a few Connolly books on kindle and I bet it’s the Demonic Magick book with the oleum recipes but could be wrong

Thank you!


Is it mandatory for imbibing a talisman with the power of Valefor? I hate to need a shortcut but it will take longer for me to create this oleum…

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Nothing is mandatory. It is up to the magician.

Oleums with mint? Hmmm some angels like mint so witches who work with demons should be careful with it