can valac/valak help with prosperity and money I think I read that some where he can but I’m not sure? I need to know a demon that helps with prosperity and money please and thank you


Volac may be used to find hidden treasures, which could certainly help temporarily with your finances, but I would look elsewhere for achieving long-term prosperity. Typing in “wealth” into the search bar here will pop up a list of quite a few helpful entities for this.


Nice to see a thread about Valak. I’m working with him about another matter, but I know He can help you finding “hidden treasures”. Beware, this statement doesn’t necessarily translate as “money”. If you work with him, I’d suggest you to be very explicit about what you want.

As for my experience with him, I use a notebook to communicate with him. I write him every night before I go to bed. I start by greeting him, then describes him the situation I’m in and if it’s cool or not. Even if it’s not cool, I thank him for his work, and I continue by stating what I’d like my situation to be, then thanks him again and invite him to meet me in my dreams.

I’m having good and fast results with this technique so far (by the way, many thanks to you President Valak, you are the best and I hope more people will come to you to learn your ways), but my goal is still not reached yet. I didn’t read much about Valak, so I hope my experience with him will help you :slight_smile:


can you show me his sigil and what candles what he likes dosent like extra

Uploaded his sigil below.

I didn’t use candles, so I can’t tell you about that.

It doesn’t really matter what you offer him (food, clothes, perfume, alcohol, jewelry or something else). You must mean it and it must not be cheap. I always offer him some of my blood, along vanilla oil sometimes (which is expensive af but you can make your own. If you work with Lilith too, she likes it too). Today I offered him chocolate cake and blood :slight_smile:

Also, don’t be afraid of him. He is really nice and cool to work with, as long as you want to and are not afraid of him. He won’t answer you if you are weak (by weak, I mean fearful or not stable emotionally at the moment you evoke him). Be cool. Trust him. Trust yourself. Be respectful and precise in your demand. And everything will be alright :slight_smile:

Hope this will help you or other that want to work with him!



thank you so much I won’t be afraid of him they are part friends here to help us I know that and treat him with high respect. as for the thing about lilith I might try that next tinge I talk to her.


His name randomly popped up in my head today while driving.
Never even knew he existed.
Now a topic on him?
This should be good.


How do you give him the offering??

Yes President Valac helps with money, He brings money from nowhere but it is
usually anything from a few dollars here and there