V.K jehannum how to pronounce the magickal words?


I used it. Just vibrate the words. If its Dracosophia try dividing it Draco-Sophia

Is there a book that goes into detail on pronouncing magick words?

He had a video before his channel was taken down.

Do I need to pronounce it properly?

Nope your intentions matter most.

Did it work well for you?

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Well yeah. Alongside my empowerment rituals it skyrocketed my ascent.

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Did you do it once or multiple times?

I’ve used his chants they are good in my opinion but I’ve used them multiple times different occasions sometimes the number of times said in a row can boost it or even change the purpose




Yes you should,but it’s not a big deal if you made one ir two mistakes,more important is to read this words with confidence like you exactly know their meaning.

it’s an amaymon ritual … it has to be routine for 40 days without breaking. must be disciplined and focused … very tired but also very useful because I feel my magic increase is more than 50%

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