Uv knights

has anyone ever heard of people that call themselves UV knights?

im not entirely sure everything about them, but it goes something like this…

they believe that their kundalini chakra system is having their spiritual energy sucked up by “demons” attaching themselves to the person, so they use “kryogenic” (i believe) eggs to apparently permanently extract their chakra system as a whole and remove it as a part of their life, because (as i stated) they feel demons sucking their energy out of their kundalini system, as well as pain and sickness when they are working with it (or were, i should say considering they apparently removed this) so i was wondering thoughts on this, are they right, wrong, do yu believe the chakra system is needed to perform black, or any type of magic? i want to hear personal thoughts on this one! thanks, to anyone that replies in advance

I heard about something like this, but cant remember the name of the group. The fact is I tried a chakra removal on my own and to be honest I felt really well about it, but not enough to bother myself to keep on. If I did that permanently? Well, etheric substance is plastic, and it regenarates on its own so I really dunno, I never cared much about my chakras to be honest.

Now, something to think about. Existence itself is all about evolution. Thus, its just normal to think that the conventional chakra system isnt appropriate for “more evolved” beings, it might actually be felt as a hindrance if not removed or altered to something fit to such a refined need. We might think that a new chakra would take place whenever we’d reach such a state of being, but think about it, the most basic chakras might end up being no more than an useless appendix to our subtle bodies, maybe what should take place as to fulfill the need for something more fit would be a complete structural reformulation of those basic chakras themselves.