Using Your Eyes In Rituals

I have found that the simple thought of directing anger, rage, or wanting to cause someone harm or dominate a situation, can have a great impact on your spells alone, but when you allow this energy to flow through you into your eyes and then get yourself to a point where this energy comes out directly from your eyes, can make your rituals all the more powerful and you will feel that power.

Treat it like a staring contest, but without straining your eyes, choose a focal point, be it the candle, the image of the person you’re working for, or in most cases, against, then focus all that energy through your eyes. Eyes are the windows to the soul right? So why not channel what you’re feeling in your soul, through your eyes and send all that focused energy into your ritual and through to your target(s).

An excellent way to test this is with a friend. Feel a certain emotion, don’t reveal what emotion you are sending to them, instead think of things that make that emotion stronger, then aim it at your volunteer/friend with your eyes and after you feel you’re done with that, ask your friend what they felt, do this at your own risk as some of you will notice you have a serious ability to unintentionally curse people with a simple glance, a protection talisman or spell on the volunteer/friend beforehand is advised.

I am aware that some may already know about this, though I deem this worthy information to share.

The eyes carry information, through the eyes we can read or convey emotion as well as direct it,this is what people mean when they say “smiling with your eyes”. Some paranormal entities and spirits can influence the minds of others with their eyes, that’s how powerful eyes can be. The eyes are one of many tools of power, I hope to post more tips and tricks for all your magickal endeavours at some point soon.

Thanks for reading.