Using wands

I tried to accumulate the fire element into a crystal with my wand and it failed.

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I don’t frequently work with herbs but consecration of amulets and talismans is something I do frequently using a wand sure.

You simply just touched them with the wand?

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No there’s a formula I use to consecrate. The wand is a part of that. If using a wand is difficult for you or doesn’t resonate just use your first two fingers

A formular made to that only your subconsciences understand?

Hahaha :rofl::rofl::rofl: no. A formula I got from Baal Kadmons work.

If the wand will make my witchcraft more powerful then I gladly uses it.

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The wand is originally symbolic for the spine, the will power, every second you keep your spine erect during meditation you increase your will power and raise your consciousness

So the wand is only as power as the magicians will and his actual wand which is his spine