Using the sigil of Glas'yos

I’m pretty new to magick but I’ve quite recently read the Book of Azazel and after reading it I’ve seen the sigil of Glas’yos in a dream or two. I have some psychological/emotioinal problems, like depression and anxiety, so I thought it could be a good idea to use this particular sigil to alleviate it.

I’ve read stuff about sigil magick, and charged few sigils with some success, but with this one I’m not sure how to do the visualisation… Should I simply concentrate on the feeling of depression/anxiety/confusion and give it to the sigil, or should I rather have a clear image of myself in a way I want to be after the sigil has done what it is meant to? Or is it even a good idea to use a sigil for situation like this? I’d really like to hear your advice on this, I don’t wanna fuck up this one.

Hey Turnajuikkuri, open the sigil and visualize yourself free of all these mental issues and mentally balanced. Visualize yourself in this state and really experience it, then project this into the sigil. You can even issue the task verbally afterwards to Glas’yos. Afterwards thank him and give him license to depart. Then forget about the fact you even performed the ritual and go about your normal everyday life knowing that it has already been taken care of.

Hope this helps. Good luck.