Using the excessive tiredness in rituals

Hi, I was wondering if we can use the tiredness that come after a day of work or whatever…
Because it sort of ruin the meditation if you faint sleeping every 10 sec after 20min of meditation

Why not utilising it and say to the spirit if they can communicate while we sleep in the sacred space like a hobo
Especially if we are good with remembering dreams etc… ?
Until I leave those slave wage job or it will be hard to make progress


You can use any state of mind. Exhaustion is one way to enter an altered state.


The shamans danced and you also have the American Indian Sundance etc.


I always do this.

Something along the lines of “speak to me in waking, or sleeping…through dreams, signs and omens! As I walk the dream worlds, or travel the world of day and man…”, Etc.

Especially if I’m hoping for more gnosis afterward, or am having a difficult time connecting.

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