Using the Dead

The whys & wherefores of incorporating “dead” things into your practice (bones, grave dirt, blood of the dead, etc.) …

Does this include spirits of the dead?

Sure, if you like! I’m just trying to stimulate conversation! :wink: Z

Yea, its been getting slow on this forum. If you work with murmur enough he will give you a sigil you can draw on a persons astral body that will make random discarnate spirits attack them… unfortunately I cant share it

Wow, that’s some pretty nasty stuff. I have heard and read that Murmur would be one of the Daemons to connect with for the blackest deeds…

I would definitely agree with that, even though I don’t work with him unless I want someone dead or have necromantic work I have to do he still lingers closely. When you evoke him his energy is so thick that the air feels like it is made of frozen jello. Definitely a good entity to make a pact with.

I’m starting to love Murmur even before working with him ! :smiley:

He is my favorite demon to work with, if I have baneful magick he is the first demon I evoke.

I’m going to have to give Murmur a try. Necromaster, since I haven’t worked with him yet can you give a hint to get to the sigils he gives you? I’m intrigued.

You will want to make a pact with him

where i going get blood of the dead ?

As a beginner magician, please don’t even think about trying to get anything from dead people, cemetaries, and so on, it won’t be a superhighway to power and you’re more likely to get hurt, possibly maimed for life (spiritually, if not physically).

There’s a time and a place for this, if you want to work with deceased people, start with your own ancestors.