Using tarot to win the lottery

How could I use a playing card deck to predict the Powerball

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You can’t.

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The whole point of magic is to hack reality

No it isn’t.

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so magick is like a video game with cheat codes and god mode?


You’re completely new to magick, so this just isn’t going to happen. Real magick isn’t like the movies, or comic books, or anime.

Even magicians with decades of experience can’t do that with 100% accuracy.


Nothing is impossible, there are only degrees of improbability. Assuming playing cards are used to predict the Powerball numbers, the successful people using this method obviously aren’t talking. Why would they? If I knew I wouldn’t be publicising the fact.

Try using a pendulum over the cards.

You’ll only be serious when you start betting money - one game at a time.



Very amusing how to win the lottery with magic? How much magical experience do you have and what rituals have you performed in the past for divination or future prediction?

Being realistic in your ritual work means NOT casting to be a billionaire or rock star but basic knowledge and prescience. There are many different levels start with basic magical techniques, once you learn and advance you can then proceed to a higher level of magic and take different directions.


If it was possible, every magician would be “rolling in it”!


No that’s what life is… Metaphorically

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honestly, it could only take you so far- its just not accurate enough, especially with stakes that high

It’s not really magick per se but Darren Brown did a special using a group of people to ‘predict’ lotto numbers:

Maybe if you could convince a group of mages here to start a group then you might be able to do it too.

Warning: results aren’t instant - it took them a few weeks to get it right… but still though - if you get it right then you basically made millions in a few weeks which isn’t too shabby… :wink:


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i could imagine that witj enough practice, you could go by the numbers of the cards…idk tho, just some food for thought

“…that magick doesn’t tend to work for lotteries, because you are trying to change a phenomenally random event. There are many things that magick can control, but the more variables that come into play, the more difficult it is for magick to have an effect. Randomly bouncing balls are far more difficult to control than, say, your boss, who could give you a raise or promotion.”

Brand, Damon. Magickal Riches: Occult Rituals For Manifesting Money (p. 83). Kindle Edition.

This is why a lot of magickians aren’t rich.

It is actually easier to get financial advice, work harder (and smarter), properly manage your finances (budget), save money and invest. Start your own business. Pool your resources together with other like-minded people.

We must change our mindset from the “get rich schemes” and “emergency money magick”. To actually planning for the future and disciplining our spending habits.

Magick works. Magick helps. The work still needs to be done though.

Cause’ the universe ain’t giving you shit fo’ free!

Hello! Can I get an Amen?

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The tarot or any oracle in general can’t be 100% accurate, because every card you have to read must be interpreted by someone with their own subjectivity. Even if you managed to do your own reading, someone who would do the same draw (which is already very rare), probably would not have the same interpretation of reading, because each person does not have the same sensitivity in regards this kind of thing.
And personally with time, I don’t think that magic allows you to have what you want at any time, it only increases the chances that it happens and with that, if you make efforts, everything should be on your side.
Good luck :slight_smile:

No amen wtf do you think I need the lottery for it’s start up capital for a business.

And wait amen is most popularly used by Christians…

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