Using Tarot to change reality

I’m getting more and more comfortable with my Tarot Deck. The readings are going smoothly and I’m usually pretty accurate. What I found though is that, besides passively receiving the impressions and “little stories” through the cards, there is also a way to change the vision after I received it.
I found that my Anahata Chakra is like the wireless modem that connects me to the vision. Once I’m in contact with it and receive the info, I can change my internal or emotional standpoint to the situation/outcome, once again through an adjustment, induced through my Anahata chakra.
The vision changes accordingly.
Through that I’ve been able to manipulate situations and their outcome. Has anyone had similar experiences?

The Tarot is like a Cosmic Map of the Universe. As you begin to internalize that symbology, using it for pathworking, and not just divination, those internal scenes will begin to reflect themselves in your external world. Eventually you’ll be able to see every card’s symbology playing out in your own life, intuit multiple paths, and adjust accordingly.

You know, as above, so below, and all that jazz…

I think I know what your saying. By changing your view point of the situation the situation itself changes to match the new perspective you hold.

I’ve performed divinations that showed a bad outcome that left me discouraged about the upcoming event. After doing serious contemplation and soul searching over the situation I accepted it for what it is and move on, performing a later divination often would show a different outcome it may still be negative but not to the extent it was before and would usually show me using strength and balance to get through it.

I’ve pondered that possibly the very act of changing ones perception changes ones reality sometimes drastically. That perhaps once we acknowledge our fears and work through them we aren’t pushing that fear and doubt into the universe just for it to manifest itself and instead are pushing the new ideas into manifestation.

another angle- there is a technique (which learned via Tarot symbols- first as just the Cards, then all the QBL tied to them) actually one of the very first I learned- doing a card layout… seeing ea card as not just meaning but the “essence it is”- and the overall layout= pattern of all those “essence it is” in a whole… then sense if I move card ABC over there (either switch 2 cards in layout or swap out with a card from “deck”) -results in a new overall pattern (only works if you feel the “felt-sense” of the whole pattern-- if glance at cards and immed subcon gives a feel that sums it up) Required learning to stay in synch and in connection with the Question being read while… and as thinking of making the change, and starting that alt… sense shift:
ex linking to say an “engine” with your mind-energy and creating a symbol of a gauge that determines say RPM so as “engine” is sensed to change- that new “level” is used to create the RPM gauge … then you try and “change” the gauge reading… which works indirectly as you sense and re-Imagining (just think Gauge show different number). breaks the contact… so like biofdbk… you want it to go down/up… and other subcon parts try stuff until you see a change (thus brainwaves or GSR/temp of skin in palms to alt micro-circ flush, etc.) If you just move cards- breaks contact… (so implies as you consider pull up thought- it tests out… and finds ok before you move… as while move to new layout it still connected to the situation- means it is now the new reading- ie it changed per).

Clearly this is indirect- but like doing sprints with a parachute dragging behind, or run-jumps with a resisting bungee… develops in reaction (have to be able to hold whole in head, allow subcon reinterp of- consider changes of without losing… etc… trial and error locate what can alter- the slack-spots flex/flux)

Good exer is think of a situation and get an overall Felt-Sense of a situation and try and figure out how you’d represent in a system (like Tarot, or any other) … xyz parts- that aspect is this position in the layout, if represented by this card, that would mean… if this other card would change implication of this other position… once layout- all parts of situation covered? not just in each layout position, but any thing missing/surprise you’d wish you included in if you received reading?

warning- too late if you read above- doing above, even reading concept could get in your mind and have you start to process, even subcon what the meanings of symbols are…

 Anyone the Felt-Sense (from Eugene T. Gendlin's work....  Focusing, 6 steps many version of this small paperback include the "listening manual" I think called... if you combine those 2 parts- and don't just read "literally" so concisely presents non-verbal thought and communication   (ie the Felt-sense is that sense that sums up about a sit.. loudest is that feeling- ugh I forgot something... you may go through list and think ah I forget Nthing... but the feeling doesn't change.. so its not just a signal, but when you hit another thought AHA.. its. and the feeling changes- the sigh of relief, solar opens up...  one can learn to hear-feel-interp that feel, and as aware in that way that feel opens like a flower revealing          and the entire of you changes are re-integrate parts (once open what is inside it).
The say-back (I heard you say... is that right?  aware of what the other is saying and NVC expressing) at basic helps verbal and is a training of Attn and energy (usual of talking in one's head while seeking to listen- losing focus.. is lacking of energetic linkage flow, also breathing length approx sentence can hear or listen- quick sniff breaths only bullet pts.. 1min or 2 min breaths.. that's another idea).

Another- if not “say back” in words- but receive the Felt-Sense feeling, also emanate- communicate a felt-sense back … the Other may or may not be aware of what you sent, but the felt-sense in them will shift per if what you sent is close to, or a match of (if far off it won’t change)… thus rapid-communcation/shifting as well as fdbk meshing (requires felt-sense awareness in you of where you at, in Else of what is it expressing, and in a third pt- a felt-sense you are sending to the Else you are focusing on… third and first diff… also a fourth eventually recog your Baseline Felt-Sense as distinct for what you are currently being. Yet sense and work with all these at once and still be aware an reacting- ie develop towards, and thus benefits for else than just this.

(I’ve not dealth with this group, just pulled up URl I recalled, seems group developed has info about this- much explained on the site- let alone titular book is many paperback vers- libraries and used perhaps… in case anyone wants to learn more of it.)

. I was just going to hint at aspects of and I ended up typing much in above.
So if anyone reading last part works with might find things- the first part of this post is separate from that- as just ties to the Tarot aspect (later learned more with stones tossed into a pattern- each stone has a tarot card like meaning, and overall patern of stones as they fall, per random toss vs layout, is sigil like- scry through… and look into hear from each stone (which are selected to toss)… and thus to change more difficult, and readings and “changings” done with a sort of partial possess-channel and sort of evokation-group in this other place simul hur -need end as I felt a push writing this from some place tapped and now the speckley mist haze of synch(?) is so strong I can hardly type or feel my fingers… just recalling and thinking of- tymes to think back (wyrd day- thus my excuse for this long response, and a couple of others)- I’d thought of posting about above concepts b4, so good to get this out in forum in case anyone finds that can benefit from, I have it out there. I wonder if Original Post expands per the concepts in the 2 prior responders and if RI might be inspired to expand upon what else could be said about thoughts first driving this postthread. cheers

There is another reason I do not read with upside-down cards in my decks besides it being a totally unwarranted practice.

I don’t read with reversals either, there are plenty of cards to relay the idea without reversing existing card meanings.