Using store bought chicken for the bones (bone casting)

Has anyone had success in this? The bones are from the breasts parts of the chicken just looking for some feedback on this

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Bump…I too would like to know

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It is the Best as chicken Organs and especially chicken hearts to build a magic circle

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Yeah I’ve never had the need to use a chick heart but I know how effective they are. A friend of mine did a death spell with one. She cut it open and put all kinds of nasties in it, as well a little firecracker. Then she tossed that bad boy into the fire and POW!

It was a masterpiece of a spell. The target didn’t die but she did narrowly escape death. She got into a horrible car accident and sustained some moderate injuries but she lived. I suspect if my friend had added a little bit of high magick she would have indeed succeeded in killing her target (she should have summoned Andras).

you mind messaging me the spell?