Using stolen lifeblood to repair the flesh

I would like to hear your techniques of doing this and the effectiveness of them.


Believe it or not you have stumbled on a great question! First having stollen blood and then using it on yourself will cause you to be linked to that person. Now to the straightforward part of your question.

Blood has the very essence of life in it. It houses both light and vibration, and using physics one will see that everything is light and vibration. Placing blood onto a wound can be hazardous disease and whatnot, however if you so happen to do that, you will see the wound clear up much faster, perhaps double the speed.

It´s certainly great for materialization incenses

Lifeblood is the blood of life within the physical blood.

Perhaps after a good feeding I could move all that energy to the wound and it would speed up the healing.

Blood is often used, according to E.A., as a base for materialization of entities.
Though I have only used incense, I believe that the life force in the blood is what makes entities visible.


In this thread it was told said that using someone’s blood on your wound will link you to that person, what would this practically mean? and what about if you drink someone’s blood? or someone drinks your blood?

Technically, you don’t even need to feed to speed up healing in that manner. You can get that result with simple concentration on speeding up healing. In fact, you can do many, many things to your body with “simple concentration” – adjust heart rate, blood pressure, physical strength, need for sleep, body temperature…