Using soul travel to visit characters?

So I have a question involving soul travel/astral projection. Could you use it to visit characters from either video games or books? In a way they live in their own dimension, and soul travel/astral projection is about going to other dimensions. So could you go to their dimensions? If so how would you?


When I was a teenager I did that. I don’t remember all the details, but each of the two times I repeated the song of an anime; then basically, maintaining eyes closed, I imagined to be in the world of that cartoon, amidst its characters.

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The books of Pop Culture Magick by Taylor Ellwood might answer some of your questions.

The astral is the plane of thought/imagination, so yes you can use it to visit thoughtforms of those characters, but it’s not soul travel, it’s just astral projection. Soul travel while personally I think it’s an inaccurate term is going to spiritual planes and such.

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