Using sigils or runes or "alchemical arrays" as boosters

Ok Iam not sure if I should post this here and please mods correct me if iam on the wrong section. Lately Ive done alot of work with runes, glyphs, sigils etc. They have certain vibes and Ive seen some great results when They are used as a medium or instead of a spell to bring the desired effect. So I was wondering what if by combining alchemical arrays or even creating new ones we could boost abilities and even take it further to bring changes to the physical e.g (energy absorption, heal, warding etc). Has anyone else here tried anything similar? Please I want to know so feel free to comment or pm.

BD. Utilizing Runes in their fuller aspect rather than individual in itself is an Alchemical Process. The Runes are elemental energies so it is pretty much already working with Alchemical energies. The knowledge of them has been largely lost, but there has been knew knowledge in the past that has come out as they have evolved from culture to culture and beyond.

Not to mention they have a very personal gnosis to them more than most if not all systems out there (this will be dependent upon your own gnosis of them to validate that). So your ability to work with them as stringing togethor elemental energetic formulas will determine how well you validate this idea of yours.

I do it alot, but once again working with Runes is a personal path because of this.

Yeah I know what you mean get that with my rune workings. I love them soo much and I trust them fully they’ve always been spot on and have helped me in various ways even when i dint vibrated their names or pronounced their bindrune name. They re simply amazing, and thank you for commenting much appreciated.

What Alchemy really is? Is Alchemy the Art of Transforming yourself in the Person you want to Be, Be it Demonic, Angelic, Elemental etc.
So When you use Sigil, Gylph , Rune etc… Or when you do any Magickal Working, It is Alchemy IMO

Mastering the Art of Change in accordance with will. In a nutshell it is just practicing magick. You have basic forms which is using just 1 Rune, like Kenaz for sex magick, or using multiple ones that enhance each other as a script or bindrune.