Using playing cards for spells, should i still use for divination too?

Ok so im currently using my newer deck of playing cards for spellcasting. Originally it was for divination but i got some inspiration from reading the book “Tarot Spells” by Janina Renee (i aint advertising here) and i adapted spellcasting to playing cards instead. Im currently doing it for a curse on someone. I have an old deck i used to use for divination. If i wanna do some card readings should i do it on the old cards until i get results in the spell i do with the new deck? I feel like if i do some readings right now with the new deck it might fuck up my spell…

After all the things little white books and people say, I have a hard time explaining how I’ve done so many things with the same Thoth deck


I’ve used my tarot for manifestation (curses and “blessings”) and divination.

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The rule on regular playing cards is that you use them for one thing only. That’s what it’s been told by the gypsy who taught us.
Same as you wouldn’t use the same deck for readings and for card games.
I wouldn’t worry in your place if your spell will get fucked up, more like your readings will get fucked up.