Using planetary attributes for BOA demons

I had the idea today to use planetary days/hours for evoking demons from the BOA. Since Azazel is attributed to Saturn all evocations will be performed either on the day or the hour of Saturn and the planetary attribute associated with the purpose of the evocation. For example when I perform my evocation of Dra’talon I will perform it on the day of Saturn in the hour of Mars or vice versa.

Anyone tried this or care to share their thoughts?

The day of my evocation was the day of Mars and I began it in the hour of Saturn.
I tried using a planeteray day for another demon of the BOA in the hour of Saturn but I didn’t get any results so I think that I’ll try once more and do the opposite.

The only reference in BOA to hours is when Azazel instructs EA to evoke him ninety times each night in the 10th hour. I know that Azazel is associated with Saturn and would think many of his Nethers would be Saturnian. But, the COP includes the symbol of the planet Mercury and symbolizes the sphere of magick, science and initiation. So would some of the spirits be Mercurian? Is there something symbolic in linking Mercury with Saturn?

Zach, your question about Mercury and Saturn has been in my mind for about a month now. So far I haven’t been able to find a source pointing to a direct connection between these two.
I’ve been thinking about the Tree of Life and the connection between Binah and Hod (Saturn and Mercury) and about the potential symbolism of the direction of Will of the magician (Mercury) towards Form (Saturn).
Then I’ve also tried to find a possible connection of Saturn and Mercury in the Orphic Hymns and also by taking into account the attributes of Mercury (Hermes) and Saturn (Cronos), how Hermes used words of power and was a Teacher of Mysteries and the fact that in mythology he lead Orpheus into the underworld could be interpreted as a first differentiation of our specific (god-like) personality.
But I have no idea whether I’m on the right track or I’m just trying to find clues about something that isn’t really there.

Just a quick look at the tree and I see a line up the left hand path it connects Mercury, Mars and Saturn. But I’m not schooled enough in the Qlippoth or Sephoria to really understand the meaning of the placement of these planets outside of the obvious.

I’m not an expert on the Tree of Life but what you’re talking about is the Pillar of Form (Severity). The path that connects Hod and Geburah is the Path of Mem and there is the attribution of the Hanged Man for this path which connects the personality with the higher self. Then the Chariot is attributed to the Path of Cheth which connects Hod and Binah.
Hod is at the base of the Pillar of Form and I’ve seen in many books a reference to the “building up” properties of Hod (Mercury) as opposed to the destructive properties of Geburah (Mars).

Also Saturn is known as the Great Destroyer and Great Initiator so my assumption on that is that the intellectual qualities of Mercury and the warrior and self-discipline qualities of Mars can be combined to reach the saturnian qualities.

Hey all,

I ask Koetting similar questions when I had my Personal Consult:

  1. EA mentioned that those things aren’t that important with extremely old entities like Azazel, etc

  2. When you start Evoking Elemental & Planetaries…yes days/hours are

  • NOTE: The above is to the best of my memory & notes. When I do my first evocation, I’m going to evoke an Entity from BofA, and will be adhering to EA’s advice.

TWF, I know you probably already know this but even the best of us can sometimes forget…are you going to do a Divination regarding the hours & Days for yourself?

Mode to tha _ to tha 439

Very nice post Nereid, the linking of Saturn, Mars and Mercury make a lot of sense when you think about the BOA and the attributes those who work from it seem to notice.

Zach I did see the part about the tenth hour but figured if nothing else it would add to the ritual immersion if one cared to do something like this.

Actually Mode I hadn’t thought about a divination to see when would be the best time. I may break out the pendulum and give it go.


Jesus dude! This is the third time I’ve read your info!!! Right on man. Well, you mention “your not an expert on the Tree of Life”, but you certainly seem to be well versed enough to connect the dots with the deeper symbolism. Well done & thank you!


This is a link for my interpretation of the COP. It is mixed with the Gateway of Pacts and has the sigils of the four demonic kings at the quarters. when I evoke from BOA I use 3 red candles. When I evoke a demonic king or other entity not under Azazel I use four black candles at the quarters. The extra circles are more functional than symbolic. It’s where I keep extra candles, or other implements during ritual. I hope this helps, and I can make these for you guys who do not have one.

How’s that circle been working for you Zach? Any noticeable difference between it and the standard DCOP? I’m assuming it would only be useful if one was pacts with Azazel or his nethers.

It looks really good BTW, I like the merger of the two designs.

I wouldn’t use that design unless I was in pact with Azazel. I used another circle when I first started working with BOA, it’s documented in an old thread. At the end of my first 90 day pact with Azazel I was instructed to burn my COP with all of the Sigils for the Nethers. Afterward, Ant’harr’atu whispered this design in my ear one night. Here’s why I like it.

The script around the edges is the Grand Invocation Alash Tad Alash Tal Ashtu, it binds spirits to the circle. The Four Kings stand in their quarters watching over every operation and lending their power and authority to my divine will. Their sigils have been opened and I have evoked them individually at separate times. Finally, the triangle inside the circle really plays to my natural talent as a medium. It is my intent that the spirits manifest inside me and communicate to me through my active imagination. Of course I expect them to obey my will not over stay their welcome.

So how’s it working? Well, tonight’s evocation of Lae’ti’kohl went shockingly well. That demoness is sexy as fuck! It makes the idea of being raped by a demoness very appealing, the problem is you can’t rape the willing! lol

Another quick thought. Planetary alignments…the COP can be drawn inside a Zodiac circle. The four kings must align with the stars at the cardinal points. Leo in the south, Aquarius Rising, Taurus at Noon, and Scorpio descending. Colorful rocks can be used for planets if you were inclined to track that sort of thing. I’m sure by doing this you would easily discover the best days and times to evoke any of the nethers.

Also I may have discovered a few pathworkings through BOA. For example Suhn’tal’ock, Lae’ti’kohl, Halah’thor, and Pente’osch as a pathworking for the construction of ones empire. Thoughs?

Thanks Mode, but I’m a girl actually, not that it’s too important of course, I’m just saying…

As far as the Tree of Life is concerned, things are getting too confusing for me sometimes. I’m having some eureka moments from time to time regarding the meaning of the circle of pacts but my ideas sound crazy even to me so I think that it would be better if I develop the required skills and ask a BOA demon about all these things.

Zach, you mentioned that the circle of pacts can be drawn in the zodiac circle.
I’ve been thinking that if this circle is functional then maybe there’s also a connection between the original circle of pacts (the one E.A. describes in BOA) and the Tree of knowledge of good and evil (this one) in conjuction with the Tree of Life?

Also I can’t seem to take my mind off the idea that on the circle of pacts there’s isn’t only Mercury and Saturn but the Moon, Sun and Venus as well.
I’m saying that based on the existing symbolic links between them, because on the Tree of life we can see the formation of the symbol of Venus and that of Mercury.
And if that’s true by any chance, what if the three circles stand for the three planes of the Tree of Life…?

Perhaps I’m taking this too far and maybe I should stop thinking too much about it because I can already feel it driving me crazy!

Also I may have discovered a few pathworkings through BOA. For example Suhn'tal'ock, Lae'ti'kohl, Halah'thor, and Pente'osch as a pathworking for the construction of ones empire. Thoughs?
Do you mean a pathworking with these demons in this order?

Thanks for mentioning that Nereid, now that you mention it I could definitely see the moon and sun in their relationship with the COP. The sun for its domineering qualities and the moon for its subconscious and psychic qualities. Venus could easily come into play as the power is both seductive and plays on ones urges. I certainly get a very cerebral feel for the spirits in the BOA which could be easily attributed to both the moon and mercury.


I knew your were a girl! Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as I happen to like girls. lol…it wasn’t anything you said or did, your picture and name are also ambiguous. I’m just learning to sense energy, and trust my intuition and instincts. That being said you should be trusting yourself and your intuition about the COP and the tree.

At bare minimum the Circle is trying to teach you about itself. Whether your conclusions are objectively right or wrong, the subjective nature of magick makes drawing these conclusions vital to your development. Reality is a product of your imagination and perception. Therefore what ever you see hidden in the circle was already there because you put it there. At least that’s how I think it works. Maybe, I’ve spent too much time talking to that demon about reality.

I think many of the Nethers are creations of Azazel. Ant’harr’atu and Suhn’tal’ock being the exceptions I’ve found. That’s why the COP works so well with them and even by it’s name implies a pact with the King. I have noticed certain demons effect certain areas of your life, the above mentioned being concerned with your earthly empire. Career, Wealth, Influence, and enjoyment of life. I easily found a place at the four corners for these beings. Starting with Suhn’tal’ock in the south, Lae’ti’kohl in the east, Halah’thor in the north, and Pente’osch in the west.

Suhn’tal’ock destroys the old life, melting it away and laying the foundation for your empire.

Lae’ti’kohl takes your talents and acts like a recruiting agent for jobs and opportunities. She’s destructive in that she will destroy your competition and thrust you into the limelight of candidacy to whatever position you wish to ascend to. She manifest first as lady riding the wind. I mostly saw just her long hair, and a sort of feathery black substance cloaked her body. She darted two and fro across the room. Then she took the form of a very sexy hiring agent. Grey business suit, hair pulled back and glasses. Her hair color and facial appearance shifted as if she was trying to find the most sexually appealing image to present me. It worked. Anyway, the discussion was in direct relation to my career and where I would like to take it.

Halah’thor in the north as he is concerned with your long term wealth and financial planning. He sustains your wealth and success throughout your life.

Pente’osch is able to remove blockades from your life or career path. Destroying competition without leveling your reality like Suhn’tal’ock.

Well at least that’s what they are telling me. But then again I am insane and talk to fucking demons!

What you said made a lot of sense and you’ve already given me answers to some questions I was going to ask.

However there’s one thing that’s not entirely clear for me. You’re talking about north, south etc regarding the demons.
If somebody does a ritual to summon Pent’osch for example, should he be facing the west?
There was a guy in a forum saying that it is disrespectful to not face the direction at which the demon is associated with during the ritual and that there won’t be any success if you do that.
So far I’ve been facing north during my rituals with the BOA demons because I wasn’t aware of the directions they’re associated with.
There were a few cases though were I was facing another direction after following my instinct.
But do you think that there’s a problem with that?
I’m sorry for the foolish question but that issue has been bothering me for a while now.

With BOA demons I always sit facing north. The demons often manifest in whichever direction they chose. With the Kings I face their direction when evoking them or just calling them to take their positions as watchers. This is a bit new for me, realizing that there are pathworkings within BOA and that the demons themselves manifest in their quadrents…also side note, the job offers have already started to arrive! :slight_smile:

Thanks Ms. Nereid!!!

HeeHee…I call everybody Dude! Even my lady friends. I think that’s great you are female. Not too many in The Occult from my experience.


You gotta start the BofA thread. There is just too much info here my friend.

Thanks for your answer Zach.
I definitely agree with Mode, you should start that thread you were talking about!
I have some more questions about the four demons you’re talking about but this particular thread is called “Using planetary attributes for BOA demons” and not “Nereid’s stupid questions about the BOA demons” :stuck_out_tongue: