Using own magick skills or making spirits to help others

I’ve heard that people who work with spirits or cast spell help other people with their problems. It’s paid most of the time. Idk why my spells never work and I’m still learning all about spirits and working with em.
Btw do you guys here help each other who have that specific power or spirits to solve someone’s problems??


Generally, no, we do not do free magick for people. So many people come here asking for free ritual that we just don’t have either the time or the inclination to do so. We are all busy with our own problems.

However, sometimes we have what we call Friends With Benefits, when a group of us gets together to do magick for each other. The way it works is that every member of the group gets a day when everyone else within the group performs magick on their behalf.


Don’t worry too much, just keep doing it with an open mind. I’m sure everything in magick is just a skill to develop, patience and time are needed.

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Hmm. I’ve been into magick since i was a kid. Though I’ve never experienced anything like that never seen spirits or felt their presence even when i meditate on them or chant their enn. They never showed up in my dreams either.
I don’t wanna be like super powerful or something im jus tryna contact em somehow and make some spells work sometimes.
And I’m sooo into astral projection and lucid dreaming but that never happened either.
All i want is to see/talk to my deceased boyfriend who overdosed october last year.

Wish i had a chance where someone would help me to find out if I’m being possessed or watched by a spirit. My relationships never work out and i think I’m never gonna get married even if i want to. Someone once told me that some spirit was in love with me and he gets jealous of my boyfriends idk if thats true

Have you tried asking yourself, why? A little self-evaluation and introspection goes a long way. Just how you word this sentence says a lot about your mental state. What are some things that you like about yourself? What are some things that are not so great about you? What can you do to improve yourself? How is your self image, both internal and externally? (Don’t answer these -they are just to get you thinking-)

This probably is not true at all. You believing in it might form some negative thought form or parasite, which effects you in the ways that you dictate. A literal self-fulfilling prophecy. It is easy to blame a spirit, or some unknown force, but 99% of the time the source of the issue is mundane.

Do some empowering rituals. Cleanse yourself and your aura. Be proactive with wards and shields. Do energy work. Learn a banishing ritual. Focus on bettering yourself and work on your confidence.

Define for yourself what you want, and come up with a plan on how to get it. Be brutally honest with yourself and get shit done. You may find, through meditating on your issues, things are not always what they seem and what you’ve sought might not be what is REALLY wanted.

You have all the power to solve your own problems. This may or may not involve magic. Magic is an assist, like a lever. It can help you reach your goals, but you still have to put in the work, the force, to move the load.

A lot of the time when things persist or stagnate or even return, it is not the magic that has failed, but the practitioner. So continue to look inward, and reflect, and be critical. NO spirit has power over your life when you decide to take action and be proactive about yourself and establishing your Will and boundaries.

However, some of the best work you can do is on yourself. If you can change yourself, your habits, master your breath, you can literally change any situation you see yourself facing in life. It might not be the most mystical thing, and it does take a lot of hard work, but it will all pay off in the end.

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Yes i did learn to control my anger, i used to get mad so easily but it wasn’t for no reason cause my boyfriend wasn’t loyal to me. But later even tho he left that side bitch and everything was fine…we broke up. For no reason. It just didn’t work out. Just like that tbh.
Then i met someone prolly the sweetest guy on earth…we planned to get married this year but after couple weeks he overdosed. He was taking drugs for years so it could happen before he met me right? That was so unexpected I’m not that depressed now but I’m looking for a way to find out the reason since its not really my fault that things not workin out. Plus I’d like to talk to his spirit if possible.

Umm nope its not self fulfilling prophecy at all cause that dude told me that a few days ago, after my bae died. And I’m not blaming spirits at all. Idek if they a thing as i haven’t seen one yet. But im quite sure they exist.
Ok I’ll do the banishing ritual thingy tho i have no clue what that thing is and what that does but tysm btw

Ok a thing we should knw is bfre u cast magik for someone else we, habe to be in good mental state, and be purify, uncross at least for a week. To absirbe the slirts power to give the power boost.

is this still going on?

If you mean the Friends with Benefits, then no, the last one has already run its course.

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