Using Our Own Magick

As a long time magician myself i always used demons for my magick, and my success was always greater than my failures. And i work with the mindset “If it works keep doing it”. But i recently have got some weird dreams about me doing magick and not calling to a specific entity. In my dream i feel really powerful and i almost feel like a god, like there isnt a thing i CANT do. And i got to think…is this a dream from Azazel (the demon i work most with). Does he want me to use my own powers. And if thats so…how can i do it. I rely so much on demons to do my dirty business that i dont even know how i can do it myself. I have some problems with some bullies and i just did my first spell on my own for them to stay away from me, and if i have success i’ll share it right away. So if any of you had similar experience please share.


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That’s what witchcraft and “low magick” is, as well as shamanistic techniques, and rituals where you call on yourself, your higher self or godself, or just go do stuff in the astral via remote energy working. Herbs, candles, intentions, with or without sympathetic links, qigong, all that good stuff.

Maybe check out the Core Shamanism Tutorial as a good place to start?


On top of what Mul said, I would suggest talking to Azazel and having him guide you. If you have a mutual bond, this should be in his interest as well.

I prefer the Law of Assumption which, eli5, you think or speak things into existence.

So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.

Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.

Check out Neville Goddard’s books, they are all out of copyright and freely available online. I recommend Feeling is the Secret.


I would somewhat counter this and say that summoning demonic powers is using your own magick, only doing so through the conduit of a demon. It just depends on what exactly you mean by “you” in this case.

This is also what lots of “chaos magick” is about. There are the “classic” sigils, and I haven’t really read many of the classic texts here, but to my understanding, at its core it’s about stripping magick down to the bare necessities and seeing what still works and manifests results. I am of the belief that intention is sufficient if you are capable of making intentions in a magickal way. Everything else is a structure which supports the mind but technically speaking isn’t strictly necessary.

I say “making intentions in a magickal way” to mean that you are an empowered being capable of using magick. Many people pray, but rarely does that actually do anything. It’d do something if I were to do it, but that’s a different situation, because I have these insights into and understandings of how reality, the universe, whatever, functions and how things just are, and along with this knowledge comes power.

It’s a rather interesting topic and not one I can speak on with absolute certainty, but it is good to know that all that mystical work I did was indeed for something, including material somethings along with the not so material somethings.


The Dragons teach magick like this, in fact I am a firm Believer that they taught humans qigong, but that is just the beginning, qigong is a beginners course, there is a higher practice that is hidden to the public even to most masters.

I’m sure they can teach you some stuff, they teach magick independent from tools which is the best kind of you ask me…

You can also call up Enki to teach you, he did give humans the Godlike DNA so I’m sure he’ll chip in his 2 cents about it considering he’s also part dragon, if you’ve already seen this part of yourself, it means it’s only a matter of time before you find it out

I know what it is because I use it in my practice but it’s very advanced magick, ceremonial magick feels weak next to it

I activated my magick through mushrooms, and the spirits especially the dragons showed me what I can do, at least 1 hour of meditation is a must

Merlins teachings are also similar but then again he was a dragonlord so the source of it is the same

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I suggest you dip into some energy techniques. Magick becomes very powerful when you can raise energy for your desires and use it to manifest them.

If you have a spirit you’re close to, they can definitely help guide you as well.