Using multiple sigils/talismans for death magick

I have been using two of the symbols of bane from E. A. Koetting´s Baneful magick. Although they have weakened my enemy, they work too slow, so I want to use them both at the same time; well, on separate days at least.
EA says it is good to use several ways simultaneously for your dark goal, but then it also known that one reason for a spell to backfire is using several demons simultaneously - they can get offended and give you a good spanking. However, one of the sigils is the last one - a talisman calling all the Infernal hosts, so that in itself is several demons. I am ambivalent here.

When it comes to death magick it is not a time you want to risk your spell backfiring, so I thought I would ask for a second opinion.

If it’s working, there shouldn’t be a problem. But this would suggest there’s the potential for a “lust for results” issue going on. This can have effects on your working.

Who says this and why should they be believed? I wouldn’t believe them. If they agreed to work together (which would be more easily obtained when calling upon them together), there shouldn’t be an issue. If in doubt, ask them.

Spank back. I’ve used several Goetics (an non-Goetics with one or more) in workings without issues at all. Some of them were baneful workings.

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Thanks for your insight @norse900.
The first demon I used - Zahgurim - is known to slay slowly, so he was the one I exchanged for the all infernal hosts talisman. It might also be working slow because the target is powerful, although completely non-occultist; reptilian incarnated as a human; a natural conscious energy vampire and has been doing several painful astral attacks per day on me for 7 years now. Thus this…

A couple people here on the forum has mentioned spells backfiring when adding more demons to baneful tasks, resulting in deaths/close calls for close ones.

“lust for results”
Will first try forgetting the ritual better, then adding the first demon back again.

What is you opinion on having to keep recharging a sigil for baneful work? Some people here suggest this and it seems to work. If I don’t recharge every other day his attacks come back.

If I use both demonic sigils simultaneously, should I do them on different days (like for showing some respect) or on the same occasion?

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I call upon one and state that I want to also add X into the operation and ask if there are any issues with that. If not, I call upon the other in the same ritual, broker the task and payment(s), and call it good. I have done workings with several at once in the same ritual, for the same purpose, provided there’s a reason to have all of them there.

I’m not going to call upon multiples to try to add additional power or anything like that. I may call on them because they have specialties that I want for the results I’m thinking of. Typically, I start reaching out to the entities I want for a working well before the working and start to piece together through hints who’s “needed” for what part. That’s just me, though.

I’m not the best person for this question, to be honest. I typically either do direct workings, rather than sigil work. If I was going to do a long term sigil working, I would expect to have to keep re-energizing the sigil. If there’s a trusted Deity/Demon/Angel/Etc you can call upon to ask their advice for that working, then I would get advice on it. It’s what I would do. If it’s working, then that’s a plus. Wouldn’t hurt to call upon some advice from them on where to take it to the next level, so you don’t have to charge it every day.

I would also look into wards and see if that helps at all. They may not be strong at first, but should get better over time, as you improve on creating them. Just a thought.