Using multiple different workings towards a single goal

I read a blog post a while back by Jason Miller, an author who I greatly respect, talking about how he thinks that many people make a mistake by only doing one type of magical working to solve an issue rather than use multiple rituals of a different nature to work in tandem to solve the problem. For example rather than working just with the planet Jupiter to bring in more money, you would do a Jupiter spell on the appropriate day for the growth of money, but also a Mercury spell on the appropriate day to help with transaction flow, a Venus spell to establish profitable social connections, a Saturn spell to help with saving habits, etc. It can be taking a step further into including different magical systems, like doing a Voodoo spell and then making a bind rune a few days later to help towards the same goal.

I haven’t seen many other sorcerers get into this idea. Do you think using multiple different spells like this would compliment each other’s power by attacking the problem from different angles, or would it spread the sorcerer’s energy too thin or over complicate the forces at work?

I think they key here is if you do multiple workings for a single overarching goal, each working should be targeted at a particular facet, as in the example you laid out above. I think you would have to have a very specific and complex goal for this to work though and I am having trouble envisioning how this would be useful outside of finances.

If you do multiple working using different methods or entities using the exact same statement of intent then there is the perceived risk or muddying up the astral currents so to speak, perhaps creating a situation where different forcing working from different angles on the same goal end up cancelling or deflecting each other. I don’t really know if there is anything to this, how would you even test it?
The other concern is that if you are doing multiple workings then you probably aren’t releasing you atatchments very well. This makes more sense to me, Tiberius James has a pretty good discussion about this in another topic

I’m a simple man with simple desires so a single working combined with appropriate mundane forces is fine for me.

Good point Soundwave! I know of the topic your refereing to from T. James. I have also wondered this and I’m currently doing a working now and was contemplating whether I should attack the problem with multiple or successive ritual operations to bolster the overall effect of the ritual goal, or would that be seen as overkill…also coupled with the fact about releasing attatchments was a concern for me. The problem for me is that after I did the one ritual, I keep wondering what and when will the ritual take effect and that right there is what’s probably going to not make my ritual take effect as soon or as effective.
I do recall reading an article from the runesoup website about ‘Shoaling’ and how it was used with sigil magick. In a nut shell, the author stated that instead of doing sigil magick with one sigil with the one goal in mind, the individual should break up the goal into ‘mini-goals’ and do a sigil for the smaller aspects of the goal.
For example, say that you want to get a new car. Instead of just making a sigil for the goal of a new car, one should break up the goal into mini goals like:

   --finding a reputable car dealer
   --getting a good car loan (or access to needed resources for car)
   --finding a car that suits my need
   --making good connections with car salesman (or private seller)

Once you have sigilized all of these mini-goals then one just needs to open/consecrate each one in succession and thats pretty much it. The explaination on how this works is in the article and I can post it or PM people who wanna read it in depth.
I personally haven’t tried this method of ‘Shoaling sigils’ but I can see the rational behind it and how it can act as an ‘operation of manifestation’. I will say that that I agree with Soundwave in the idea of ‘simple man…simple desires’ idea.

“…beware of the man who only carries one gun, because he probably knows how to use it.”

Shoaling is great way to work chaos sigils, I used it when I first changed cities and was living in a hostel, obviously not alot of room there to lay out an evocation or even do candle magic. How ever the theory behind shoaling is a little more complex. Although breaking the goal down and multiple sigils is part of things, you also sigil for something that has happened or is definitly going to happen, theoretically allowing you to be put into a timeline where all the goals materialise through the materialisation of the first.

this is the section to his sigil articles. I think it is probably the best guide to sigil magic available right now. Also he is a really good writer, highly recommend this blog

I often work spells like this. By attacking different angles of one blanket goal you achieve small successes that bolster the chance of even greater success of the blanket goal. If I wanted for example to make more money I would work on my boss to get a raise while doing another spell to advance in the company, if I worked a commission based job I would work to draw in more clients and increase sales.

Last year I did a spell to increase income and provide steady work. My company had cut hours and was laying off left and right. I created a sigil to protect my job, one to provide steady work and one to provide dependable income. I like to do wood burning so I put my protection symbol onto a wood plaque and nailed down the steady work sigil over it to keep me from being caught up in the layoffs. I burned a series of candles with steady work and money drawing herbs next to the sigils. In about a months time I was transferred to a different shift where I received a 15% pay raise, put in a department that most hate ( I like it) guaranteeing my job security, and our biggest customer resolved their issues on their end and we have been working 7 days a week since. I usually get about 2 days a month off so be careful what you wish for lol.

I’m still in the process of putting my prosperity box together, I designed it not only to draw money but success and prosperity in many different facets. I will put chaos sigils in their to draw from the positive energy to aid in their success. When it is complete I will post results.

From my perspective, I want to be able to measure the results as clearly as possible. I don’t see how to do that if I were to mix methods. If a method has failed, I perform an operation to back it out and cancel the task before I begin again.
My 2¢

[quote=“Student of Goetia, post:6, topic:954”]From my perspective, I want to be able to measure the results as clearly as possible. I don’t see how to do that if I were to mix methods. If a method has failed, I perform an operation to back it out and cancel the task before I begin again.
My 2¢[/quote]

That makes perfect sense actually. I don’t start meshing practices until I’m comfortable enough to experiment. When I first started doing sigil magic I did not mix it with anything until I had a good understanding of it and its effects. I enjoy rootwork which is heavy with sympathetic magic, when I was comfortable with it I started adding different aspects of other magical systems to experiment. If I had success I didn’t look at it from a perspective that this part may have worked and this was part didn’t. I was interested in results only if it worked keep doing it, if not try something else.

I don’t understand the concept of backing out an unsuccessful working. If it didn’t work there is nothing to undo from my perspective if it didn’t cause a change then it didn’t cause a change.

I don't understand the concept of backing out an unsuccessful working. If it didn't work there is nothing to undo from my perspective if it didn't cause a change then it didn't cause a change
if the Sorcerer has petitioned a spirit from a particular paradigm with their own rules for interaction with this realm, then simply ignoring the lack of result may not work. The spirit may be working on the task but according to a framework outside of what was expected and outlined. I perform a ritual to deconsecrate whatever was consecrated, and issue a new task: the cancellation of the old task, making it clear that I no longer want the spirit to work on the task at all. A clean break. Currently I am only working with TBOA so I have not had to do that recently.