Using magick to find new career

Most of us on here who seek after financial/material wealth know that magick normally needs a mechanism to help us out (i.e., it normally doesn’t work by just dropping money into your lap from the sky, etc).

I have a job, but it will never bring me wealth. And truthfully, I don’t even like it. I have a ton of interests I would like to pursue in terms of being self employed. But I just can’t pull things together.

I would like to use magick to help me pull-together a realistic career goal which can bring me true wealth. I want it to be doing something that I would really, truly enjoy. But that is something that is hard for me to identify because often times we don’t know what we will enjoy until after we try it. But I don’t want to waste my time (I have done enough of that to say the least).

I would like to use magick to do 3 things: 1) Help me identify a career path that would bring me an enjoyable career path that will lead financial prosperity and personal freedom (which means I can’t just work a traditional 9-5 type job working in an office are out on the construction field). 2) Help the doors to open so that I can actually have the opportunity to get involved in such a career. I don’t just to be gifted with a good “idea”. I need help bringing the open doors into my path. 3) I would like a demonic mentor that can help me sustain the success that magick will bring me.

Any thoughts on whether this is realistic? If so, how should I begin?


I think Buné will help you to identify what your needs are, and put you on the right path, and also possibly exert some influence along that path, and then Belial may help you to get to the top of the profession over time, swaying people and helping you to win advancement.

If you wanted to look outside beings we consider demons, Thoth/Dhjuty knows just about everything there is to know, so you could ask him to point you towards the needed information, as well.

You may have a feel for which being would suit you best as a long-term mentor, I think we tend to like some beings, and feel less drawn to others, and possibly the accounts posted by people who have worked closely with them will help there, or you may find that one of these will either be the correct one to work with, or may suggest a spirit - Belial has helped suggest spirits to me in the past, for example, for areas where he has no interest in the topic himself.

He’s very good at reading people, and he zeroed in on a few of my own personal strengths and weaknesses when we very first met, so I think he may be the right spirit to consult with regarding this.


I know that I should already know the answer to this basic, follow up question, but I’d like your input:

I watched one of E.A.'s older YouTube, seminar videos on “How to Evoke Any Spirit” (or something like that). He laid out the tools. But #2 or #3 said that you need to use a “working system”. He said you just can’t light incense and a candle and just shout for the demon to come. He said those systems are found in the Golden Dawn and one other order. So, while his video was very helpful, I’m not sure if those “working methods” he referred to were something different than what he showed in his video. In other words, I don’t know if his video was intended to basically say, "Here are the basics of evocation, now find a working system from the Golden Dawn to implement the actual evocation.

I have tried to do evocations in the past by attempting to meditate and then using Copal Resin as I ask the spirit to appear in the smoke. But I did not have any success, so I just gave up and stuck with the Law of Attraction, etc.

So I guess my question is, "What specific steps should I take when trying to evoke Belial? I have heard he can be sort of mean.

I put everything I know about Belial’s personality in this post, and nothing much has changed, so that describes how I’ve found him to be a little quirky, but I do like him a lot.

I have to get busy on something else now so can’t answer the rest, hopefully you’ll get other replies, or I’ll get stuck in later. :slight_smile:

Would you be willing to let Belial know that I want to speak with him but do not have good astral senses? Maybe he would be willing to reach out to me (in a way that won’t harm my life)?

Bit busy today, you can call him yourself though (that leap of faith is the initiatory act we have tro perform all the time) - Belial is unlikely to be interested in someone who won’t take that leap, based on my experiences with him. :slight_smile:


i have a job that was given by him,he does help but you cannot stay in your sofa all day waiting for someone to knock on your door.
life is movement

What did he require as an offering? What Evocation method did you use?

yes, i sent you a msg jboy

Well you don’t have to use a spirit. You can but you don’t have to. I recently did a working with NAP which got me some good results. Or just use candle magick. Gaze into the flame while imagining ephemeral spiritual doorways opening above, below and all around you, lots of them. Then while picturing this, forcefully ask for all of the doors of wealth to be opened to you.

You don’t need to find the idea first, just ask for the wealth and the idea will come, followed by the money needed for that idea, followed by the idea becoming a success and earning you money.

I can definitely relate though man, spent the last two years trying to pick/find my purpose, nothing. Did the ritual above, with some NAP thrown in and my purpose was manifest. But only when I asked for wealth. Asking for my purpose got me nothing lol

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What is NAP?

New Avatar Power, a famouns early “you too can command godlike powers” book from the 70’s, author Geof Gray-Cobb.

Worth hunting it down, he talks about harnessing the self-god (the New Avatar) within!

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