Using Love spell or inrtanquility spell without target's birth date? [spell help]

Hello everyone, I want to perform a love spell on someone I used to know, possibly with a Goetic spirit, also an intranquality spell.

I have the target’s name, I have a photo of her(but with other people) from the internet and also her phone number, but I don’t have her birthdate, which is mentioned in some posts here as requirement. Can someone confirm this? Do the spells of love, intranqulity work without the target’s birthdate? Can I use her phone number as a link instead of her birthdate? Thanks.

Hi. If you want to work with the geotic spirits, you really only need the target’s name and to picture the target’s face in your mind. You don’t need his/her birth date or a photo, but you can use one if that helps you picture the target better in your mind. For lust and sex, I recommend Sitri. For love, I recommend Sallos.

The in-tranquility spell is a scary one. I wouldn’t recommended it unless you really hate your target and you want revenge. It is not really a love spell. It falls more into the curse category. When you perform this spell, you’re calling up a damned soul from hell to torment your target to think about you all the time. The only way the target will find release from the torment is by contacting you.

The problem is, this spirit you will call is not a demon. It’s a damned soul. And you can get a little backlash from the chaos it will create. Demons work with order and dignity. A damned soul, not so much. If you decide to perform the in-tranquility spell, don’t do it in your home. There’s also an urban legend that if the spell works, the magician will take the damned soul’s place in hell after the magician passes away. I don’t believe this. But who knows?

My recommendation is goetic spirits. They’re awesome and they deliver. But keep in mind that love spells will not always work, because of free will and all of that stuff. They also don’t always work the way you expect. You might only get a look from the target. Or the target might keep her feelings a secret.

Also, remember not to lust for result. Cast the spell and forget about it. If you can’t forget about it, feel good, knowing and trusting that it will work. Good luck.


thank you very much! I will surely try my best!

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Can you give a refrence to a working in-tranquilty spell @ChrisShadows?

so i’ve got her birthdate somehow, but not the year. is it okay?

I got the in-tranquility from the book “The Sorcerer’s Secrets” by Jason Miller.

You don’t need the date of birth at all. When you make a request to a demon, if you know who you are talking about, the demon will know who you are talking about. First name and last name is all you need.

Check out Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield and Works of Darkness by EA Koetting. These are two great books that can help you evoke goetic spirits easily.

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@ChrisShadows have it worked for you?

Yes an Intranquility spell will work without the birthdate. I know of people who have done it successfully without it. A name and a picture is fine.

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Thanks, but later found her birth date anyway!

Well i have the book but i can’t exactly find the spell. Can you tell exactly what it is named in the book? Also page no. Please?

Page 97

Ahh. Found it. Thanksxx