Using linked sigils for getting a job and other stuff

Not to long ago a member of another forum I frequent put me on to the idea of linked sigils. I got the idea to combine a folk magic tradition with some chaos magick that works surprisingly well.

I bought some of the 1 inch mailing label circles, some paint a colored pencil and some dirt from the place you wish to influence.

Take the gathered dirt and mix it with the paint of the appropriate color. Create a sigil from your statement of intent and paint it onto some heavy paper.while your waiting for the painted sigil to dry recreate the same sigil on the mailing labels with the colored pencil. Once the painted sigil is dry open the sigil while concentrating on your desire. Once the sigil has been opened charge some of the mailing labels on it for a day or so. Next use the mailing labels as small conduits by placing them in strategic locations.

I did one to get my department head to chill out and not be such a hard ass. I collected dirt from his office which is located in our work area while cleaning up for the end of the day. I put one sticker under his desk, one under his chair and worked my way out into the work area. I did this a month ago and my boss has went from a ball breaking prick to a being a pretty laid back prick.

I did the same thing for my fiancé to help her get a job. She’s been looking for over a year. She’s been using all the online job hunter sites and getting calls for jobs she’s not qualified for to plain bullshit (mall Easter bunny). I asked her what jobs she wanted the most and went out to collect the dirt. At one spot I got asked what I was doing I stood up explained I was getting a soil sample for testing in my most official sounding voice and left before she figured out they don’t collect soil samples in Tic-Tac boxes. I created the sigils and placed them at he jobs, one was retail so it was easy to stick a couple under shelves close to the office area and what not. The other was an office setting so I put one behind the door handle and in the restroom as I was there to put in applications. I did that last week, she got called for an interview Monday, interviewed Tuesday and today was told if she passes the background check she’s hired. The office job also called and told her she’s on the list to take the exam they require before hiring.

So try it out if you like and post your results.

Edit: Forgot to mention I put one sigil in each of her shoes and one on the back of her phone to put in an inconspicuous place while in the interview room.


This is great, I was think of doing the same thing although stenciling with spray paint at train stations, although that plays more into my obsession with street art and is slightly more illegal. I figure this way not only is the sigil affecting the area but also allowing it to be implanted into the minds of passer-bys and then, theoretically having it affect them by having the intent downloaded into their minds from the super-conscious.

Have you considered combining this method with Runesoup’s “Shoaling” technique?

No I haven’t. I looked it up and it is intriguing. I had something planned with the runes that is similar if I understand shoaling correctly. I was going to make a cash/prosperity box. My soon to be step-daughter gave me a gift in a cute little box she decorated for me. I liked the box just as much as the gift and have thought about using the Fehu rune which is for prosperity and the flow of prosperity both recieving and giving. I planned to inscribe Fehu into the lid of the box and open it like a sigil. I plan to put one of each piece of currency into the box dressed in prosperity oil, add a set of lodestones dressed in attraction oil and magnetic sand to draw in prosperity. I plan to put pictures of my family and opened sigils of my future goals in there to percolate together so to speak.

Thought I’d give an update to how this is working out for me.

The Upside: We just received our evaluation/raise for the year, I received more than most (almost 30¢/hr more) of the people I work with the best raise I know of was 15¢ more than mine. Everything is still very laid back, we have an occasional busy night but not all the harassment and attitude like before.

The Downside: Because everything has been so relaxed my department has slipped up a lot on its responsibilities and we got chewed out over it. Some people’s jobs were threatened (not mine) and some people were demoted.

The In Between: Half the people in my department got written reprimands for really petty shit ( an excuse not to give bigger raises) I got only a warning because I came in 1 minute late 3 times in a month. So I got slapped on the wrist but not nearly as bad as others.

My fiancé is still employed at the job she wanted and they are working her to death. She gets called in on every one of her off days and has worked the last 21 days straight. She gets called before anyone else so I see that as a success, she’s being favored over most she works with and is bringing in pretty good money.

If you decide to try this out as always be careful with your intent it can kick you in the ass while patting you on the back.


Tic-Tac boxes? That mad me laugh out loud. That’s funny as hell.