Using leftovers stumps for candle for magick

The info in this thread is about reusing leftover from candles, it’s obviously not a new thing at all, but it bears to be heard and said even those who’ve been around for long, and especially those who do or are about to do candle magick in general.

Here’s just something for beginners or those who might find this interesting. In case you want to be ecofriendly as well as have more money in your wallet and not constantly running to the store for new candles, and maybe even increasing the potency of your candle magick?

Then all you need to do is to this, use the left over candle stumps from your rituals or from whate or wherver. Have a container ready, like jars, papertowel rolls, or whatever you can find that has an even length.Here’s what you do:

  1. Bind the string to a pen, stick or whatever it is that you can find and let it (the stick) hang from it somewhere in the middle of the jar.

  2. Melt the leftover stumps on f.e. your stove in a suitable container. You can add herbs, powders, etc that already has an added intention in them if you have the necessary knoe how. However in this case were are just talking about reusing candles.

  3. Use a funnel and pour the now melted pieces of the previous candles and let it sit somewhere and cool off, and in about 24 hours or maybe even shorter denepnding on the size of the candle you’ll have a new candle with a few added benefits.

This is such a simple thing and hardly new but I know I never thought of this as a new magician, plus here’s food for thought even some seasoned people don’t do this though, because the candle in some workings have to brand new apparently. I’d say yes and no, however that is not the point here.

  1. In short you won’t have to throw away old stumps, it’s such a colossal waste. Now you also have an excuse for leaving candle stumps around - “Babe? Why do you have candle stumps laying around?” - " Don’t worry about it, they won’t go to waste" - “How so?” - “Well why throw them away as we can use them to create new one’s?” - “Very clever, and not to shabby really.” ; you will be celebrated as very innovative and likely a pretty creative person and that’s usually not a bad thing. ^^

  2. In addition to the above environmental friendly stuff, you now have a candle drenched in your power and has added power of your previous workings. It is by no means as “sterile” as some of the candles which you buy in a store somewhere, finally you won’t have to invest in any new candle materials for a little bit longer and can save some perhaps nedless expenses this way.

  3. The candles will also have more UMPH behind it this time around especially if you have created it as a portal candle - this last part is under copyright so I can’t say more about the creation of portal candles, get the Mastering Black Magic course to learn how to do that.

With this I hope you find this thread useful in case you don’t just ignore this thread to your hearts content. :wink: