Using herbs in magick

Ok so if the title inset obvious them let me just say it can i use the same herb twice as in i use Ylang Ylang to increase my sexual attraction and persuasiveness? I do not mean grabbing a fist full of Ylang Ylang from a bag, useing for sexual attraction the grabbing another and useing it for persuasiveness. Can i use the same herb for two of its magical properties.

Much appreciated if someone can explain. :ok_hand:


I mean I’d suggest using it whenever it feels right. Don’t reuse the same one, like you said, but aside from that why wouldn’t you? For example, I can use an incsene for one purpose and then use that same type for something else. Herbs should be the same.

Yes like how cinnamon is good for
Luck, abundance and lust. Herbs are multipurpose


I swear I heard that cinnamon is an aphrodisiac


It’s a little bitter to taste but I believe it lol

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