Using enns?

Hey, all. Sorry if this sounds a stupid, question. When it comes to using enns, how do you use them?.

I use them summon and connect to the energy of a certain demon. Kind of like a mantra. Either just to sit with that energy and gain insights or to see if I resonate with it enough to establish a relationship with that demon and sometimes to gather that energy and use it in spellwork.
I don’t want to dismiss the numerous accounts of only gazing into a sigil and chanting the enn resulting in a full presence of the entity. But I suspect a bit of misunderstanding or maybe even tomfoolery.
Maybe I’m not as lucky as some… but an actual and what I would consider a succesfull invocation requires a lot more work and skill.

As for how: Nothing beats good ol’ chanting it yourself, for me. Listening to it, even in special frequencies never does a lot for me. Not nothing, but also not enough to actually work with.
The key, in my experience, is using a slightly lower and powerful (confident) voice.

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Thank you for the information. One thing, can I have the enn playing in the background without using headphones or earbuds and gaze at the sigil?.

I tell u one way that i use them but before i do i want say this doesnt work for all goetia but u are free to try i say this because i have intently noticed this for some u will feel their energy and some u will not.

Get into a meditative state and once your mind is calm, start chaning the enn but as a whisper first so first 50 times as a whiper, and then 50 times a little louder not too loud and for last 8 times as loud as u can. After this just the name of the spirit chant it about 50 times and u will notice as if someone is in the room with you behind your back but dont turn around just feel the energy and make your request. Again i mention this doesnt guarantee that they will speak, show visions or carry your requests. This is only to feel the energy.

This technique comes from nagels book but he uses it just with the name of spirit but it works with any type of mantra, enn.


Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll give it a go, when I’m going to do the evocation of Lucifer.

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Yes, u can play enn in background if u are completely alone , most dont cause of privacy reasons but i think its better to have it repeating in background. Good Luck

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Thank you.

It can have some effect, but I can advice you to chant it yourself.
Whether you use the method @CLX suggested (which sounds like an awesome way to raise some extra energy yourself as well, might give that a go tonight) or just chanting it until you feel a change in energy.

It’s about using and controlling your breath and causing the vibration. Listening to a mantra or enn will never be able to do the same.

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I’ll try and see which one is better. I’ll probably do it tonight or tomorrow. I’ve already done some research on how to banish and cleanse from negative energies and I seem to know what to do now. :slight_smile:

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