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Is there a particular reason why you did not include this post in your other thread about the emperor, instead of making a whole new thread?

Another Praise to his highness emperor Meiji (November 1852 – 30 July 1912)!

I wasn’t aware that it was required. I also want to make sure that it is understood that it is a second seperate request granted.

If needed il just make one emperor Meiji post / page as others have done for belial and other beings. No problem jut advise.

Part of the working relationship with this being is praising each time something is granted


Brilliant result, I’m hoping to work with him at some point. :+1:

No problem, it can be helpful sometimes to keep a spirit’s information and later results in one place but there’s no rule for one topic/spirit obviously. :+1:


Would love to help you to do that if you’d like. Just tell me when you want to start.:wink:


I would suggest keeping the posts all in one thread. That way they are easily found in a search, rather than having anyone interested have to read multiple threads. That is why we have a specific thread for thanking spirits, because if we opened individual threads every time we received something, that is all the forum would be made of.

i see @Lady_Eva posted faster than I and said pretty much the same :joy:


Got it okay no problème

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I’ve moved this sideways into its own thread, because it’s 6 of 7 posts on your topic and a bit of a speedbump for anyone new wanting to read more about him. :thinking:


PS @Taramurti your image link was broken on the first post from yesterday, i fixed it for you, be careful not to remove the ! symbol before the link of an uploaded image or it will cause it not to display. :+1:


Thanks ! Verty much appreciated!


To work with him;

  1. At the center back a symbol of the entity. Since he’s Japanese I used a traditional ofuda(amulet from the shrine In Japan).

For you make his imperial chrysanthemum flower and print his name underneath in kanji(Chinese characters) on a rectangular piece of paper about 3 inches wide and about the hight of about 8inches or so.

  1. An offering plate I bought in China town to put something culturally relevant and that the person may appreciate in life in front of the image.
  2. a bowl of incense . Since he’s Japanese and an emperor I gave him franckincenss and myrrh to correspond with the rank as per the goetia. That goes in front of the image either side by side with the offering plate or in front of the offering plate.
  3. Some kind of sltar cloth (he’s Japanese so red).
  4. Water cup to my left of the main image or ofuda
  5. Momentos from his shrine in Japan.

Just do your research and find things that bring the being to mind to help you connect and it to connect.


What is the signifigance of this person/spirit?


He was the emperor of Japan. He is responsible for modernizing japan and opening up to the world. He was a well respected poet in life. He is known to be very benevolent.


Thanks for that answer