Use of Spagyric/herbal remedies

I didn’t know were to post this because here is no Hoodoo/Rootwork/Herb Use/Spagyric/Alchemy part… So Natural path is the next best thing.

For example Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds “unlocked” Shapeshifting in my Dreams and Trancework after a one time use.
Or using an yew branch for Trance work/ Seidr.

My Question is How do you use Rootwork for Asend?
And what resources could you recomend? (On Rootwork/Hoodoo/Plant use outside of European folklore)
Thanks in advance

Use psychic vision, and master key products to open your senses, star anise and mugwort are good herbs to use as well. There are plenty of spirits to work with from crossroad spirits to the angels of omnipotence found in the 6th 7th Books of Moses, wandering spirits, intranquil spirits as well as spirits of the dead and saints.

If you haven’t before check out Lucky Mojo as they have a plethora of information for free to get you started as well as their weekly radio show which discusses how to use rootwork which is free on iTunes, there’s something like 170 one hour plus shows in the archive so there is plenty of information discussed.

Thanks for the Tip!
I never looked into Hoodoo before but it has much common ground with the european folk magic and plant use i have been teached be my grandmother.
Again Thanks -TWF-

Another great book Inforgot to mention is Scott Cunningham’s The Complete Book o Incense, Oils and Brews.

It covers how to make incense, oils, sachet powders, inks, tinctures all sorts of other stuff as well as the herbs uses, planetary and elemental attributes. As well as recipes for aspect specific concotions. If your into herb and root magick and making your own stuff its a gold mine. My only criticism is he’s a little fluffy and doesn’t have cursing/crossing recipes but one can easily get around that by doing their own research. This is a great companion book to Cat Yronwode’s Hoodoo Herb and Root Magick.

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