Use of Magick Square

Hello fellow Gods,

Throughout the book of Mastering Evocation just before the chapter which gives out spirit sigils their is a short chapter about Magick Squares.

Could you girls and guys enlighten me about whats the use of magick squares and how to use them.

Thank you

You use a square the same way you would any other spirit sigil. The only difference is the squares calls multiple spirits rather than just one.

The square will disappear then one letter will start to appear, write that down. That letter will disappear and another will take its place, write that down. Continue until the letters stop appearing. What you will have written down is the name of a spirit who inhabits that square.

Start the whole process over. Continue the process until the letters stop appearing altogether and you will have the names of several spirits who can aid you in your task. Then you can conjure those spirits specifically with the square as their gateway.