Uriel question

I read a pdf type excerpt of a portion of David Goddard’s book on Angel magic. In it he says Uriel is a very serious Angel from Uranus and not to summon him for just anything. He can get upset and that is bad.

Yet I invoke Uriel everyday doing the LRP, Does this mean that the Uriel of the Elements is another version of the Uriel of Uranus. Like we have a higher self, do Angels also operate at different levels. So it is the same angel but less cranky at the Elemental level than he is at the Planetary level.

Even if I switched to just banishing, I would still be asking him to do something. I am pretty sure everyone doing the LRP with Uriel in Earth is not wrong, but this guys book came highly recommended by rock solid source here on the forum.

So what am I missing?

@DarkestKnight and @Helena I think are well versed in angel work


They are the same being. Angels and demons are much too large to lump into a single set of correspondences. In the Kabbalah, for example, each Sepiroth has an angel, an elemental attribution for that angel, a planetary attribution, colours, and a host of other things humans have found to help with connection.

It’s not another version of Utiel, it’s more like just another aspect of his personality, in the same way that a human can be stern in one circumstance, but fun-loving in another.

Edit to add: I have read Goddard’s book, but I have not worked his method. His approach made it seem like angels were aloof and difficult to contact.


I’m not familiar with the book you mentioned. All my knowledge comes from german authors, family and my own experience.

Uriel however always seems like a serious character to me.

Different people get different reactions from entities.
Also, I’ve once read a good comparison, which I agree with completey.
An angel’s light, or “color”, is like a spectrum. One practicioner might experience the angel in a certain way, while for another one they seem slightly different, like they moved an inch further left on the spectrum.
It is still the same entity, but they seem different to us. They look different, act differently and complete different tasks. It appears like another person because the way our brain processes things. It always classifies experiences and puts them into a frame we can comprehend. The brain makes a human out of the complex angel.
So this is why people know different versions of entities.

Another thing is the fact that Archangels command other angels and have them working for them. So you might encounter an angel under Uriel’s command for some tasks.


OK, I get it.
and thank you.

So I think I made contact with Raziel once, I have been trying to contact him about every other day using either the Woodcroft method or the Tempest pathworking since that time, but I don’ feel anything like I did the first time.
Most of the books I have read say that the angels know you are there if you do the ritual but may not choose to let you know that they are there.
I was hoping to keep doing this until some sort of connection is made, something I can definitely say is real.
Should I make some changes, if so, what would they be? OR should I just keep going and eventually he will have make his presence known just to shut me up. OR what else might I try? Should I try another angel. Should I pick either the Tempest or the Woodcroft method and just use one. (I even went to Etsy and bought an attunement from Tempest for Raziel but I still got nothing)

What are you seeking? Are you simply looking for the phenomena of an angel showing up, or are you actually working toward goals?

If all you are looking for is to “prove it’s real” to yourself, then you’re not going to get very far. You are connecting to the angel every time you do a ritual, regardless if you feel/see/sense anything, but if all you want is phenomena, then it is unlikely to result in anything but confirmation of your doubt.

If you do a ritual for a material result, and you get that material result, does not that prove you made contact, even id you never see an angel?

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Uriel is sort of mysterious to me… he doesn’t like showing off… i didn’t find it easy to connect to him! I get results if I am asking for something but there is no signs or omens! When I call him he is there but conversation wise nothing… its like he only responds when its important :woman_shrugging:


I do have a goal. I just hoped that since I felt him the first time, I would feel that change again.

I have found in my experience that the presence of a demon or angel can fluctuate quite wildly, sometimes being strong and noticeable, but most times being practically non existent. I’m not sure why that is, but it probably has something to do with how much energy the magician chooses to expend in drawing them down.

Maybe that is why there is a persistent belief that angels are aloof and difficult to contact.


Thank you for this- perfect timing in fact. Also, thank your work on trance work. It is making a big difference,

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From my experiences with Uriel, he is very formal but also not. He is very kind and his presence is always very pleasant, but he doesn’t like to waste time. You should just for any entity have a reason to work with him. He is great with healing and creativity. I have not observed Uriel as one quick to anger, but I would still not test his limits by any means, just as with any other entity.

Would you ask the Arch Angel Uriel, in his Earth manifestattion, for the same things you would Uriel in his Uranus manifestation. (I just read the correspondences to Uranus and they don’t sound Earthy at all).

What I am wondering is this, is doing the LRP and eventually including in all the angels of the seven planets a good way to sort of introduce myself to these angels before I make a Seven Sphere’s RO type approach. I assume having some sort of casual contact/interaction is better than just showing up on their doorstep.

And I assume I should make any requests to Uriel as the Arch Angel of Earth about the Element of Earth sort of things. And if I want to start a political revolution I will approach him from the Planetary…